Festival Passes

The 10th Anniversary of Red Bull Joyride is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Everyone knows you have to show up early to get a good spectating spot for the show, or you can take your time cruising over with a VIP pass to Camp Joyride.

Get your Red Bull Joyride VIP Pass today to beat the crowds and rush, experience epic views of the course and enjoy refreshing drinks and snacks.

The Red Bull Joyride VIP Pass:

Exclusive access to the Red Bull Joyride VIP Pass zone
Prime viewing location of the course
Two refreshing beverages
An assortment of tasty appetizers

Crankworx Skybox at Red Bull Joyride

Upgrade your Red Bull Joyride VIP experience with a ticket to the Skybox delivering the ultimate view of Red Bull Joyride. The Skybox tower is built on course, 40 feet above the action with the most incredible sightlines for the culminating celebration of the Crankworx World Tour. Crankworx Skybox at Red Bull Joyride includes access to a full service host bar and a selection of appetizers and you truly have a once in a lifetime experience.