Mechem and Burbidge-Smith Make It Two on the Season as They Dominate Outdoor Research Speed & Style

WHISTLER, CANADA, July 29, 2023 – Yesterday, Crankworx Whistler delivered yet another jaw-dropping spectacle with the Outdoor Research Speed & Style competition. The event treated spectators to a high-octane display of head-to-head racing action, blistering tricks, and unparalleled bike handling. With fierce competition and thrilling performances, this event proved to be a clear highlight from the final stop of the Crankworx World Tour. 

On the Men’s Elite side, one rider once again stood out from the rest—Garret ‘Lil Rojo’ Mechem. He continued to dominate the competition with awe-inspiring technical trick combos, (such as his Truck-Driver, X-Up to Can-Can), leaving spectators to pick their collective jaws up from trackside. Mechem’s remarkable performance earned him a well-deserved victory, marking his second Speed & Style win and third S&S podium of the tour. His ability to seamlessly blend tricks and speed demonstrated why he is consistently one of the top contenders in the sport. 

Reflecting on his experience, Garret Mechem expressed his excitement about the event and the joy of participating in the entire series.  

“I’m stoked that its all over, coming into this event it was kind of stressful knowing that I’ve only missed one podium. It was stressful but it was fun. I loved it. First time doing the whole series, I’m amped,” said Mechem. 

‘Lil Rojo’ also remarked on the physically demanding track and what made the difference for him at this year’s event, “I enjoyed it, it took a lot of skill to get down. It was definitely speed and style. You had to know how to ride flat turns, you had to know how to ride like a mountain biker to get down this. I think the biggest deciding factor was the bottom corners. I had to be on point with my braking.” 

On the Women’s side, the competition was equally fierce, with Harriet ‘Haz’ Burbidge-Smith and Robin Goomes locking horns in a tightly contested battle. Burbidge-Smith, who faced a narrow defeat in Innsbruck at the hands of Goomes, managed to turn the tables this time. Outperforming Goomes in straight heats, showcasing her remarkable skills and claiming her second Speed & Style victory of the season.  

In true relaxed ‘Haz’ fashion, she kept it short and sweet as she reflected on a successful return to one of her favourite places to ride. 

“Its been a pretty good couple of days. Yeah, its been good, I just had so much fun! I love being in Whistler riding.” 

The Men’s Elite runner-up, Bernd Winkler, shared his challenges in adapting to the demanding course. Despite a less-than-ideal practice session, Winkler managed to qualify in second place, showcasing his resilience and determination to succeed.  

Berned shared his thoughts on the track and how he was able to rebound from a bit of a slow start in warm-ups. “It was difficult, really difficult. Practice wasn’t very good, but then I qualified somehow in second. And kept pulling through. The later is gets, the more runs you do, it even harder to do your tricks and stay focused.” 

The Speed & Style event posed a unique challenge for riders, particularly as the afternoon advanced. With increasing runs, performing complex tricks while maintaining focus became even more demanding. The excitement and skill displayed by the competitors at the event made it an unforgettable experience for both riders and spectators alike. As the dust settles and the cheers fade, the mountain biking community eagerly awaits the next installment of Crankworx Whistler, where riders will once again push the boundaries of speed and style in the quest for mountain biking glory. 

The podium of the Outdoor Research Speed & Style event featured a diverse group of talented riders who showcased their prowess in the sport.

Outdoor Research Speed & Style Podium:

  1. Garrett MECHEM (USA) / Harriet BURBIDGE-SMITH (AUS)
  2. Bernd WINKLER (AUT) / Robin GOOMES (NZL)
  3. David LIEB (USA) / Shealen RENO (USA)

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Event replay: Red Bull Bike

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