Dual Broadcasts On Crankworx Rotorua Day Four

What’s better than a Crankworx event live broadcast on Red Bull TV?

Two Crankworx events live broadcast on Red Bull TV!

And if you can throw in an insanely competitive, insanely fun, Whip-Off competition while you’re at it… then you’ve got yourself a winner.

No amount of rain (or liquid sunshine as some would like to say) could keep us away from an absolutely glorious Crankworx Rotorua day four featuring Speed & Style, Downhill, and Whip-Off events.

From Jenna Hastings taking home her first pro Crankworx gold medal win to Bas van Steenbergen inching his way closer to that King of Crankworx title, and everything in between…

Yesterday was one for the books.

If you don’t believe us, just take a look for yourself…

Caroline Buchanan (aka “the disruptor”) put down some wicked runs on the Speed & Style course.
In true Crankworx fashion, Robin Goomes sent it full on ahead of Speed & Style finals.
Billy Meaclem, Tomas Lemoine, and Bas van Steenbergen celebrated in (speed and) style!
Riders explored the stunning Downhill course ahead of finals.
There were hugs all around as Louis Hamilton took home the gold during Downhill.
More hugs were given as Jenna Hastings won her first ever pro Crankworx medal!
Matt Begg was out there absolutely crushing it during the Whip-Off event.
Billy Meaclem, Ronja Hill-Wright, Matt Begg, and David McMillan enjoying a well-deserved celebration after Whip-Off.

The action is going to just keep on keeping on, riders.

Take a look at the full Crankworx Rotorua schedule to make sure that you’re ready for what’s to come.

You know it’s going to be good!