Crankworx Rotorua Day Three Blew Us Away

We were absolutely blown away by the insane level of riding yesterday!

From riders crushing it on the Speed & Style course to Downhill practice simply taking our breath away, we couldn’t have asked for more.

We were also blown away by those infamous Rotorua winds… no really.

There were some less than favourable conditions present yesterday that unfortunately led to us postponing the CLIF Speed & Style presented by Mons Royale live broadcast.

However, that just means that we get not one, but two live broadcast finals today!

With high vibes and even higher energy, riders chose to make the most of what the day had to offer.

Take a look at some of the highlight moments capturing the true spirit of Crankworx…

All’s well that ends well, folks.

Crankworx Rotorua day 3 was not what we expected it to be, but a good day nonetheless, because is there really anything better than a day spent mountain biking?

We don’t think so.

Make sure to check out the full schedule for today because there’s a lot going on!

Think along the lines of Slopestyle training, sprinkled with some Speed & Style and Downhill finals, plus a dash of Whip-Off…