Crankworx Day 2: In Full Swing

Today, we kicked off our live broadcasts with a double finals day. It was a big day for all, as athletes competed in Dual Slalom and Pump Track, out-finessing and out-racing one another to the podium.

Crankworx athletes left it all out on the track. They brought their A-game in the Innsbruck heat, and we can’t wait to catch all the tricks & racing action tomorrow during the CLIF Speed & Style finals.

For now, though, let’s share the top picks from our photographer, Clint Trahan, after this jam-packed racing day.

Speed is the name of the game. Well, sometimes, but definitely in this photo.
A special note from Trahan: I am a sucker for Dual Slalom riders in attack position. Tomas does it as well was anyone; tack sharp (135 f2.2), just how Slavik is off the seat, nice and low. Love it.
You can practically feel the heat of competition in this one.
This one should just be titled “champagne happy.”
A special note from Trahan: The view. Another fisheye shot (been using it a lot the last couple days…). The mountains. Lemoine and his awesome colours. Had to do it. What you don’t see is I am hanging off the cliff, one foot on the area riders drop from. Totally safe.