Rockshox Offers No Compromises on Confidence and Control

Just in time for Crankworx Whistler, Rockshox has unveiled its best BoXXer yet, with the help of elite athletes like Vali Höll who will be dropping in on the all-new 1199 downhill track during the Rockshox Canadian Open DH. With a legacy of high-performance, the latest BoXXer was redesigned from top to bottom to win races, whether it’s against the top pros or your fellow riders. Take a look at what the future holds with the 38mm BoXXer chassis.

Two years of extensive development went into the redesign of the latest BoXXer to result in the ideal critical blend of bending and torsional stiffness ratios. You can get all the specs here but the short of it is that this has been built to handle the pressure you’re putting it under as you race down the track because smooth is fast.

“After countless bike park laps, race runs, and lab test cycles, we found the perfect balance between ride quality, steering precision, and stiffness. It isn’t all about the numbers. It’s about giving you the control and feel you need to choose any line. You’re the one steering the fork, not the other way around.”

After a blistering seeding run on the Rockshox Canadian Open DH course at Crankworx Whistler, Vali Höll has found herself 21.628 seconds up over her closest competitor and set to drop in last on the “gnarliest” 1199 track during finals. Catch her racing with the all-new 38mm BoXXer chassis during the live broadcast on Red Bull TV today at 3:30pm PDT.