First look: Title Slopestyle @ SilverStar Bike Park

It’s Day 1 of Crankworx British Columbia. For Brett Rheeder and Matt MacDuff, this means the Slopestyle course they’ve been dreaming of and working on for two years will make its debut in 10 days.

The Title Slopestyle @ SilverStar Bike Park will host 14 of the world’s top ranked Slopestyle riders, each vying for the win and eager to be among the first to get a taste of Rheeder and MacDuff’s handiwork.

The course’s eight trick options will be on six features:

Here’s your first look:

“The whale tail is different from most. It was built to allow for more progression than a typical whale tail. I felt that the classic 3ft lip out of the whale tail wasn’t cutting it for the currently level of slopestyle, so we doubled the size and made it 6ft tall. By doing this we will see a new level of tricks out of this type of feature.

This course wasn’t designed to have the biggest, gnarliest features. It was designed to have features more similar in size to what riders actually practice on at home. Features that allow the rider to focus on their runs, rather than the course itself.

Seeing the course finally come together has been awesome. It’s taken a lot longer than expected due to Covid (two years) but worth the wait. The course is 90% complete, we’re in the testing phase right now, making minor tweaks and changes where needed. The Slope guys are arriving this weekend and I think they will be stoked when they arrive.”

– Brett Rheeder

“SilverStar has some of the best building materials I’ve ever seen. Everything from beautiful tall straight trees, to shale rock for foundations and of course the legendary ‘coffee grounds’ like dirt. In all my travels, I’ve never seen better conditions for building machine trails as good as SilverStar.

It has been a dream come true to have the opportunity to be a part of a Crankworx course build. Having my feet on the ground and my hands in the dirt for 26 days, I can tell you the entire SilverStar staff are amazing, and have been incredible to work with. Most of all, I’m extremely grateful to Brett for looping me in on the project, and believing in me to hold the job to his high standards. Helping him bring his vision of the sport to life on such a big stage has created memories I will cherish forever.

I’m excited for the riders, because I know they will have the opportunity to pull some of their biggest tricks in the safest environment possible. Most of all I’m excited to watch the action, take notes and apply my new learnings to the next project.

I’m feeling great, this has been a big project with a lot of weight and responsibility on my shoulders. As the riders show up I’m confident in my work, Brett’s vision and the teams of both SilverStar and Crankworx to host an incredible event. On a personal level, I’m happy to get out of the machine and back on the bike. 

I’m really proud of my wood and dirt crew, they have really stepped up to the occasion! Amazing work guys! Big Thank you to everyone involved. I hope to be a part of more Crankworx events in the future.”

– Matt MacDuff

Tuesday, September 28, riders will drop into Rheeder and MacDuff’s course for their first practice session.

Rider list: Title Slopestyle @ SilverStar Bike Park

Four days later, on Saturday, October 2, it’ll all boil down to two runs, eight tricks each, as riders vie for the top in the Title Slopestyle @ SilverStar Bike Park live on Red Bull TV.