EWS Whistler – Course Reveal and Best Spectator Spots!

Well, ladies and gents, here it is. The 2022 EWS Whistler course reveal!

Now that the beans have been spilled, racers competing in EWS Whistler, as well as the EWS80 and EWS100, will be hopping onto Trailforks, preparing their plans of attack (as practice does not start until next week), and getting in those final training sessions.

Full map course details available here: https://www.enduroworldseries.com/race/ews-round-4/ews-whistler/202189/

Here’s a taste of what’s coming, and some insider details from Race Director Jimmi Mackintosh on why we chose the tracks we chose, and why…

“I think it’s going to be the best EWS course we’ve had. I’m pretty excited for it.”

Fans, read on for his pick of the three best spots to catch the action. Stages marked with a * have easy-to-access spectator spots.

EWS Whistler

Date: Sunday, August 6, 2022

Location: Read on…

Start: Whistler Sliding Centre

Stage 1*: Blackcomb Mountain >> Microclimate

Why did you choose this trail?

“This is a Whistler classic. The ultimate Enduro stage. Riders will probably be the most stoked on the old growth forest and float-y singletrack. Got a bit of everything.”

The most challenging parts?

“Probably just trying to get the right line to save your hands.”

Spectator Spot

“Bottom of the trail because that’s easier access, otherwise it’s way up the hill. Everywhere has got good viewing spots – the whole trail is a nice trail, but the easiest access is from the bottom of the trail.”

Stage 2*: Blackcomb Mountain >> Golden Boner, Roam in the Loam, Rabbit Tracks

Why did you choose this trail?

“Golden Boner, Roam in the Loam, they’ve all had a bit of work done. Rabbit Tracks has had a full rebuild, so it’s pretty fun and it’s just a really good link-in from Microclimate.”

What do you think riders will be most stoked on here? What will they be most challenged by?

“It’s right before the halfway point to the feed zone and the tech zone, so I think it’s going to be an all-out sprint. Conserve nothing, give everything.”

Spectator Spot

“The bottom in Rabbit Tracks will be the easiest access. It’s a fun little section as it’s just had a fresh rebuild. Will be fun racing.”

Stage 3: Whistler Mountain Bike Park >> No Joke, Missfire, Delayed Fuse, South Park

Why did you choose the trails for this stage?

“Due to snow and everything, we had to get a little creative, which I think has worked out for the best in the long run because we’ve never actually raced Missfire and it’s a great trail. So linking No Joke, Missfire, and Delayed Fuse, is going to be a good, long stage. Just classic bike park.”

Spectator Notes

Because of the active construction in the Creekside Zone, we recommend spectators stick to Stages 1, 2 and 5 for ease of access.

Stage 4: Ride Don’t Slide into Cirque du Soil, back into Ride Don’t Slide

Why did you choose the trails for this stage?

“Another Whistler classic, it’s going to be tough racing. It’s a pretty rough trail because on Cirque du Soil we get a little bike park flavour in there – some berms and rollers and then back into rough, gnarly, Whistler singletrack. It’s going to be a tough one because it’s after an hour and a half of riding and pushing your bike up a hill.”

Spectator Notes

Because of the active construction in the Creekside Zone, we recommend spectators stick to Stages 1, 2 and 5 for ease of access.

Stage 5 (also Saturday’s Pro Stage)*: Whistler Mountain Bike Park >> 1199, Duffman, World Cup Singletrack, Ho Chi Minh, Monkey Hands

Why did you choose the trails for this stage?

“1199 is a trail that no one has ridden. It is actually still getting built for us. We are obviously only doing the top section of it, but probably one of the coolest looking downhill tracks that I’ve seen. Then back into what we would usually do with the last stage as Top of the World, which we can’t access this year.”

1199 is very highly anticipated. Former Whistler Bike Park Manager Brian Finestone has said it’s going to be a “tip of the hat” to Canadian legend Stevie Smith. What do you think makes it so unique and awesome?!

“There’s some good views from there, the trail itself is like a proper World Cup Downhill track, but even made to be on more of the hardline side. Not full on the hardline side, but it’s just big features, fresh singletrack, steep, technical.”

Spectator Spot

The Bike Park will offer some great options  – stay tuned for updates on the best viewing spots to take in the action on 1199!

Finish: Skiers Plaza, Whistler Village

Racers, good luck!! Fans, see you out there!