Crankworx Summer Series New Zealand Wraps in Queenstown

Take a sick track. Practice in hero conditions. Add rain. More rain. A few hundred rowdy spectators. Start racing. Create ruts. More racing. Add in a beverage or two (crate day whaaaat) and Ed Masters in lederhosen. And there you have it: the making of a legendary race.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the Queenstown DH.

Full results – Queenstown DH: crankworx.com/results/

Thanks to Crankworx World Tour photographer, Clint Trahan, for these legendary snaps:

Amateur racer David Perez Nanni, well into the slop.
Haz, doing her best to keep it together.
Louise Ferguson, dropping into the wall of sound.
David McMillan, charging toward beer first, then finish line.
Blenki, in his element and on a heater.
Champagne on mud. How sweet it is.
Pro Men’s podium: Blenki, Brook Macdonald and Sam Gale.

Full results – Queenstown Pump Track: crankworx.com/results/

Bas van Steenbergen vs. Sam Blenkinsop. The joy of the multi-disciplinary mix of Pump Track.
Tuhoto-Ariki Pene has made a big push on the Crankworx scene in 2021. This was his first Crankworx win, though he also finished second in the overall 2021 King of Crankworx rankings.
Billy Meaclem who’s been super consistent across Crankworx’s events in New Zealand.
Kialani Hines, in her element and on her game.
“Hey, smile for Pinkbike” (actually how this happened). A small crowd of ticket holders were invited to attend, as New Zealand’s regulations around events continues to evolve. The return of sound and energy from spectators has been something pretty special. Also, mullets are very on trend in NZ atm.
Summer Series vibes are solid.

Outside of racing, our time in Queenstown has been full gas from start to finish. It kind of seems like that’s just how this place rolls. Do you like fun? This may just be the place for you.

Here’s a taste of Remy Morton, Billy Meaclem and Tuhoto’s big day out. Blue skies, chairlifts and helis. She ain’t a bad gig. Photos once again thanks to Clint Trahan.

Stop 3 is on the horizon now, and Stop 4 just around the corner. The crew has rolled into Cardrona Alpine Resort. Air DH training is set to kick off today, with racing tomorrow. The weekend will see the close of the Summer Series, with the Dual Slalom broadcast live on crankworx.com from Bike Glendhu in Wānaka.