Crankworx Summer Series Canada: SilverStar – Dual Slalom & Rheeder Slopestyle Qualifiers Recap

It was dry and dusty out there for day two of Crankworx Summer Series Canada at SilverStar Bike Park making for some rowdy racing on the slalom track, and we ain’t even done yet! Saturday completed Dual Slalom and Rheeder Slopestyle at SilverStar Bike Park qualifiers ahead of the contest taking place Sunday, August 6th.

The brand new Dual Slalom track, built by SilverStar Bike Park trail crew and designed in collaboration with local Bas van Steenbergen be best described as a tight and technical slalom track. With the dry conditions of the day, it became looser and looser as the race went on, showing that limiting mistakes as well as precision would make racers come out on top. The dust was flying and the crowd was firing at this slalom showdown. See full results and the event album below.

The Rheeder Slopestyle at SilverStar Qualifiers for the men’s category went down on Saturday as well. Fedko reigned supreme with high scoring tricks securing the first place position for the contest with a score of 96. Tom Isted wasn’t far behind with a score of 93.67 and we think he has a lot more up his sleeve for the finals. See full results and event album below. Finals go down Sunday, August 6th, 12:30 pm PDT. There is no live stream for this event, but stay tuned for highlights on @crankworx and @crankworxsummerseries Instagram.

Tom Isted // Photographer: Clint Trahan
Griffin Paulson // Photographer: Clint Trahan
Erik Fedko // Photographer: Clint Trahan

Rheeder Slopestyle at SilverStar Qualification Results:

  1. Erik Fedko (GER) – 96
  2. Tom Isted (GBR) – 93.67
  3. Griffin Paulson (CAN) – 91

See full qualifier results here.

See event photo album here.

Crankworx Summer Series Canada – SilverStar Dual Slalom Results:

Natasha Miller vs Jordy Scott in the finals // Photographer: Clint Trahan
Niels Bensink // Photographer: Clint Trahan
Jackson Frew // Photographer: Clint Trahan

Open Category:

  1. Jordy Scott (USA) // Jackson Frew (AUS)
  2. Natasha Miller (CAN) // Bas van Steenbergen (CAN)
  3. Shealen Reno (USA) // Niels Bensink (NED)

Masters Category:

  1. Isabeau Venebles (CAN) // Mark Dobie (CAN)
  2. Tania Lillak (USA) // Joe Gay (CAN)

CWNEXT U19 Category:

  1. Keith Bazinet (CAN)
  2. Alessandro Gerna (ITA)
  3. Ross Kiehlbauch (CAN)

CWNEXT U17 Category:

  1. Isla Connor (CAN) // Noah Milner (CAN)
  2. Pearl Fogel (CAN) // Drew Solmes (CAN)
  3. Taylor Palm (CAN) // Elliot Friesen (CAN)

CWNEXT U15 Category:

  1. Grady Potter (CAN)
  2. Rex Johnson (CAN)
  3. Oliver Astin (CAN)

Full results: https://www.crankworx.com/results/

See event photo album here.