Day three of Crankworx Summer Series Canada – Quebec City at Vallée Bras-du-Nord was action packed and riders were really putting on a show for the spectators. The Quebecois spectators really know how to turn on the hype with athletes revving a pit bike at the podium, and crowds of spectators partying in the woods next to the track.

No mountain bike trails were harmed with the use of the pit bike at Vallée Bras-du-Nord, strictly used for good vibes only. | Photographer: Etienne Dionne

The dirt has been primo on the brand new Godzilla track at Vallée Bras-du-Nord. After a few rainy days to now racing on a beautiful, sunny, summer day…that’s a recipe for hero dirt and the riders were loving it!

Bas giving it the gas and tucking for speed at every opportunity. | Photographer: Etienne Dionne

Fastest time of the day came from the King of Crankworx, Bas Van Steenbergen who took the gold medal for Crankworx Summer Series – Quebec City Air DH. It was Bas’ first time riding this course, and he was pleasantly surprised.

“The course was sweet,” Van Steenbergen said. “There are some really fun rhythm sections and some features that kind of differentiate people a little bit. There were some cool gaps on the track. It was a good Air DH track for sure. It’s comparable to a longer version of the Rotorua Air DH track. It’s pretty smooth and but it has lots of different kinds of jumps on it. It was a good length too which is awesome.”

It’s been three for three for Shealen Reno who’s on a gold medal hot streak at Crankworx Summer Series Canada – Quebec City.

Shealen Reno all smiles at Crankworx Summer Series Canada | Photographer: Etienne Dionne

“It’s so amazing, I honestly had no expectations going into today,” Reno said. “I just wanted to have fun, jump some big jumps and shred with some ladies, and we did that! I luckily came out with the win so I’m super stoked. I did my first Air DH race at SilverStar and then my second at Crankworx Whistler. I just try to have fun and see if I like it, and it’s pretty badass! I love jumping. It’s probably my favourite thing to do on a bike.”

We saw some Quebec locals on most of the podium spots today including the very local, Gabrielle Simoneau who took the silver medal in women’s open category of Air DH. Gabrielle lives across from Sentiers du Moulin, the location of the Slopestyle event on day two of Crankworx  Summer Series Canada – Quebec City.

Local rider Jonathan Lefrancois giving Bas Van Steenbergen a run for his money on the Air DH race track. | Photographer: Etienne Dionne

Jonathan Lefrancois came in second place of the men’s open category of Air DH and is from just outside of Montreal, Quebec.

“I’ve never ridden this course before, and I was pretty surprised,” Jonathan commented on racing the Godzilla track for the first time. “We are pretty far out, and this track is comparable to A-Line. It’s amazing and there’s not any other jump trail like this in Quebec. It’s probably the best one in the province. The goal here was to have fun, and I had fun and finished second so it was good.”

Jonathan, Gabrielle and the top two finalists in the CWNEXT categories have all earned themselves a one way ticket to Crankworx Whistler in 2023.

Tyler Hutson taking home the gold medal for U19 category as well as the second fastest time of the day just 4 seconds shy of Bas Van Steenbergen. | Photographer: Etienne Dionne

Huge props to CWNEXT U19 rider, Tyler Hutson, who not only earned his entry into Air DH at Crankworx Whistler 2023, but he also got the second fastest time of the day at 3:51 just under the King of Crankworx, Bas Van Steenbergen.

Crankworx Summer Series Canada – Air DH Results:

CWNEXT U15 Category:

  1. Zacharie Paquet (CAN)
  2. Theo Bedard (CAN)
  3. Benjamin Giguere (CAN)

CWNEXT U17 Category:

  1. Isla O’Connor (CAN) // Victor Imbernon (CAN)
  2. Gabrielle Sterckx (CAN) // Charles Paradis (CAN)
  3. Xavier Letendre (CAN)

CWNEXT U19 Category:

  1. Tyler Hutson (CAN)
  2. Nicolas Brochet (CAN)
  3. Pierre-Alexandre Domaine (CAN)

Open Category:

  1. Shealen Reno (USA) // Bas Van Steenbergen (CAN)
  2. Gabrielle Simoneau (CAN) // Jonathan Lefrancois (CAN)
  3. Alice Royer-Gagne (CAN) // Yann Gauvin (CAN)

Full results: crankworx.com/results/

Next up is Sunday Funday at Le Massif de Charlevoix which includes Kidsworx events, as well as ride with pros Bas Van Steenbergen, Shealen Reno and Jayden Fleming, with over 120 registered kiddos. Many of the riders will also begin practice for the closing event of Crankworx Summer Series Canada – Quebec City – Dual Slalom at Mont-Sainte-Anne.

“Hoping to make it three for three heading into Dual Slalom in two days,” Bas said of his gold medal streak at the summer series in Quebec City. “Keep it going. Slalom is one of my favourite events so I’m looking forward to that one. Stoked to hang out in Quebec and check out the sights. It’s been really fun!”

Additional Event Images: Flickr

About Crankworx Summer Series Canada:

The Crankworx Summer Series Canada is bringing Crankworx-caliber racing, with a grassroots vibe, to Canadian destinations outside the Crankworx World Tour. Summer Series festivals bring together seasoned pros, pinned locals, top amateurs, and up-and-coming youngsters, while attracting top riders keen to mix, mingle, and drop in. In 2022, the Crankworx Summer Series Canada will take flight from two Canadian destinations, bringing together riding communities in the country’s West and East. July 28-31, the Crankworx Summer Series Canada – SilverStar Bike Park will kick off the action from British Columbia. September 1-5, the action heads East with the Crankworx Summer Series Canada – Quebec City.

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