Crankworx Renews Multi-Year Partnerships with SRAM and Maxxis Ahead of 2023 Season

Fueled by innovation and progression across the sport of mountain biking, both SRAM and Maxxis have renewed their long-standing partnerships with Crankworx in multi-year deals ahead of the 2023 season. As leaders in the industry, equally recognized for their pursuance of excellence and world-class technology, their continued partnership with Crankworx brings a future of growth and opportunity across the sport. 

Speaking of the partnership renewal and community connection with Crankworx, Duncan McGuire, Assistant Manager – Bicycle, Maxxis, said: 

“The Crankworx World Tour provides an opportunity like no other area of the sport for fans and developing athletes to watch their heroes train and perform on the same courses that the rest of us can ride and compete on throughout the festival week. It makes mountain biking accessible and inspires us all to get out and enjoy time on our bikes, even if we all haven’t mastered the windshield wiper just yet.  Mountain biking is all about getting outside, exploring beautiful new destinations, and having fun riding bikes with our friends. Crankworx delivers that, and Maxxis is proud to support it.     

Every year we see the level of talent amongst the young groms get higher and higher, and that’s a direct result of these kids having access to world-class riding and racing through the Crankworx festivals. Jackson Goldstone was hucking his strider bike off the Crankworx stage not that many years ago, and he just won his first Elite DH race. At the same time, the economic impact that these festivals bring to each community has very much helped develop infrastructure that creates year-round tourism, as well as giving the locals and the rest of us more awesome opportunities to ride.  

Our partnership with Crankworx allows us to closely interact with a diverse range of mountain bikers, from enthusiast and amateur athletes to some of the sport’s most accomplished athletes. We’re able to listen to feedback and answer questions face-to-face, both in the booth and out on the trails on our after-work rides. There’s nowhere else all year where we have that same level of customer interaction. All of those voices are important in continuing to drive our product development and reach for performance goals that benefit both having fun on a bike and also winning world class competitions.   

Our athletes continually push their equipment to the limits, and in a wide variety of ways across a Crankworx festival. We listen carefully to athlete feedback and are always looking for the next advancement in tire technology that will give them even better performance. Those technologies then inevitably find their way into the tires that us regular mountain bikers also will benefit from, and ultimately create a better experience on the bike for everyone.” 

Speaking of future growth with Crankworx and upcoming initiatives, David Zimberoff, Vice President of Marketing, SRAM, said:  

“Our industry is fueled by innovation. That innovation can happen inside an R&D lab making components, or in real life with the athletes of the sport launching new tricks over a 40-foot feature jumps. Crankworx is a playground of athletic innovation and has been showcasing new talent and tricks for over a decade. SRAM loves the association with Crankworx, its athletes, and partners. Our values are aligned thus underlining the importance for us to be there and to bring our “A” game. 

As attendees and online viewership grows, it’s increasingly important that we deliver creative and exciting content both onsite and online. Our partnership and push for excellence will enable that and riders around the world will be inspired with positive influences. 

[We believe in the power of bicycles and expanding the potential of cycling….] is the first half of our purpose. It’s why the team members at SRAM get up every day to design and manufacture components and experiences that inspire cyclists. We are relentless in this pursuit. It’s what motivates us. The potential of cycling can be defined in several ways. In some cases, it’s simply riding a bike to school or work. In other cases, it’s to empower a sense of mobility, freedom or fun. And in many cases, it’s to be the best or the fastest. To be judged by a community. To compete. To win. Partnering with Crankworx is super important to us as it’s the Pinnacle of the sport. You’ll see the best of the best here, doing things often never seen or unimaginable. We love it, and so do our fans. 

At SRAM, we’re always trying to raise the bar. To provide value to our community and to surprise and delight. We’ll continue to showcase our innovative products from all of our brands including SRAM and RockShox, while engaging fans with memorable experiences and displays that entertain and reward. We can’t reveal all that’s in development – need to keep some surprises – but what we can share is the future will be most exciting.”