Crankworx BC Wraps Things Up at SilverStar Mountain Resort

Well riders, with us running the last of our events at SilverStar Mountain Resort, that’s a wrap on Crankworx BC.

Overflowing with incredible trails and epic views, we can’t think of any better place than SilverStar Mountain Resort to have officially closed out Crankworx BC.

It was an insane four days of racing, with riders often having to brave the elements in the name of all-time-fall-time riding.

But… even in the wettest, muddiest conditions, riders always brought good energy and even better vibes to the trails!

From running the expertly designed Dual Slalom course (courtesy of Bas van Steenbergen) in a torrential downpour to seeing the brand new Title Slopestyle course be put to work for the very first time to exploring a local BC cidery in Vernon, we really did it all.

Take a look at what’s been some of the best few days out here on the road…

Tegan Cruz celebrated his Sweet 16! So of course we had to get him a cake…

The Slopestyle crew took advantage of a rainy day and explored the local BX Press Cidery & Orchard.

Things got a little muddy for Bas van Steenbergen as he rode the Specialized Dual Slalom SilverStar course, expertly built and designed by himself!

Local BC shredder, Gracey Hemstreet, braved the elements to take on the Specialized Dual Slalom SilverStar course. Just look at the concentration going on here…

The sun broke through just in time for Rockshox Pump Track Challenge SilverStar. This event called for some pretty intense racing if you couldn’t tell…

And in true Mikey Haderer fashion. The speedo was pulled out.

Riders were amped and ready to go ahead of Crankworx Air DH SilverStar. One last ride to close out Crankworx BC!

Vibes were high and the celebrations were wild atop the podium at Crankworx Air DH SilverStar!

We saw the work of Brett Rheeder and Matt MacDuff come to life with the unveiling of the all new Title Slopestyle course at SilverStar Bike Park.

Taking in the view and thinking through their run from atop the Title Slopestyle course at SilverStar Bike Park.

Emil Johansson taking home the gold medal from Crankworx BC’s Title Slopestyle at SilverStar Bike Park presented by CLIF! This is his fifth win in a row!

Nothing was going to make our time here at SilverStar Mountain Resort anything less than perfect (even with Mother Nature’s many attempts!).

To say that Crankworx BC was one of our favourite adventures to date would be an understatement… and wrapping things up SilverStar Mountain Resort was simply the cherry on top.

Our time on the road, travelling through some of British Columbia’s most incredible mountain biking destinations, has been, well… epic.

We’re not exactly ready to move on from this road trip just yet, so don’t mind us if we watch some event replays until it’s time for Crankworx Rotorua!