Crankworx World Tour

The Crankworx World Tour is a multi-stop series of mountain bike festivals, bringing together the best mountain bike athletes to compete in elite-level competitions in a variety of disciplines. It began in Whistler in 2004 and has since grown into the largest event of its kind in mountain biking.

Crankworx World Tour festivals also host races for amateurs, a category for CWNEXT athletes, the next generation of racers, Kidsworx contests for our youngest riders, participatory events, and celebrations of mountain bike culture, all while showcasing amazing destinations

King and Queen of Crankworx

The race to be crowned King or Queen of the Crankworx World Tour is the most difficult competition in mountain biking. This season-long, multidisciplinary challenge tabulates results across events, disciplines and World Tour stops, in an epic test of a riders’ skill and will. Racing from the Southern Hemisphere to the Alps and home to Whistler, athletes aim to collect as many points as possible for a shot at winning the $20,000 prize. The most points wins.

The top ranked athletes competing at the Crankworx World Tour are recognized through the following title and awards.

The two top ranked riders (male and female) will each receive $20,000 CAD. The second place overall riders (male and female) each receive $10,000 CAD. The third place overall riders (male and female) will each receive $5,000 CAD.

1Tuhoto-Ariki PENENZL839
3Jackson FREWAUS736
1Caroline BUCHANANAUS988
2Martha GILLGBR764
Crankworx World Tour

In 2018, Crankworx and the Freeride Mountain Bike Association (FMBA) created together the Crankworx FMBA Slopestyle World Championship (SWC), a singular elite-level series of Slopestyle mountain biking events. Replacing the Crankworx Slopestyle World Tour and the FMB Diamond Series, events on the SWC represent the pinnacle of the Slopestyle discipline.  

In 2024, Crankworx and the FMBA introduced a women’s category to the SWC to host female competitors on FMB Diamond Level courses. Crankworx and the FMBA have long supported women in freeride mountain biking, resulting in the 2022 launch of the FMB World Tour Women’s Division to provide access to FMB Bronze and Silver Level courses and a pathway to the highest level of Slopestyle. 

The SWC men’s category hosts 14 riders. Up until 2023, this has typically included the top six male riders who were pre-qualified for all SWC events in the current season based on the SWC rankings from the previous year. As well as the next top eight athletes behind the top six prequalified based on the FMB World Tour Ranking 6 weeks prior to the next SWC event. Updates applied across the 2024 season are to be announced December 2023. 

The SWC women’s category hosts six riders, with the top two female riders according to the SWC rankings from the previous year prequalifying for all SWC events of the following season. The remaining four athletes are confirmed six weeks before an SWC event as the next highest ranked riders, with a minimum of 500 points, behind the top two prequalified. 

In both categories, a place will be held on the start list at the first SWC event of the year for the Red Bull Rookie of the Year award winners of the previous season. Additionally, winners of Red Bull Joyride are granted lifetime entry to SWC events. With equal prize money, more than $500,000 is awarded across the SWC season each year, culminating with the Slopestyle World Champions claiming their respective crowns at the end of the season as the finish atop the rankings.  

The Triple Crown of Slopestyle represents the near-impossible, as a rider must win three Crankworx FMBA Slopestyle World Championship (SWC) events in a single season to wear the crown. In 2015, the Triple Crown of Slopestyle was created to push the sport of mountain biking outside its limits with an award sitting just beyond the grasp of most riders. Available to both male and female SWC competitors, the crown is worth $25,000 CAD as the marquee event of the Crankworx World Tour. 



CWNEXT (pronounced C-W-Next) includes categories for young men and women, in the following age classes: 13-14, 15-16, 17-18.

This category for the next generation is run alongside the main Crankworx events, separately from Kidsworx. It bridges the gap between Kidsworx and Crankworx competition and provides a development path for young athletes.

The creation of CWNEXT category involves the following:

  • the addition of new categories to existing events
  • the inclusion of younger racers in existing events
  • a shift of existing junior categories under the CWNEXT umbrella


To register in CWNEXT events, check out the Athlete Info & Registration pages listed under each individual festival.


Over the past 16 years, Crankworx has solidified its reputation as the ultimate experience in mountain biking. Pros get the opportunity to ride with the best of the best from all disciplines. Amateurs can race the same tracks as their heroes. Spectators get up close and personal with the top names in the sport and watch history unfold before their very eyes. Through Kidsworx races and events, young riders and families can get in on the action themselves.

Kidsworx started in its current iteration (a separate program featuring multiple events for kids and families) in 2013. As it has blossomed over the years, many young athletes have sprouted. Groms have grown into seasoned riders. There are now budding young stars in the mix – the next generation of amateur shredders and professional athletes. These competitors have shown themselves to be worthy of their own event category that reflects their level of skill and dedication.

The next generation of youth are on the rise. As we head into a new decade, it’s time to shine the spotlight on the future of mountain biking. The launch of CWNEXT signifies the creation of an arena in which the next generation of Crankworx Kings and Queens can show the world what they’ve got.

Crankworx Championships

From 2017-2019 there were five core disciplines staged at all Crankworx World Tour stops that crowned champions at the end of the season, including:

Crankworx Pump Track Challenge World Champions (M/F)
Crankworx Speed & Style World Champion (M)
Crankworx Dual Slalom World Champions (M/F)
Crankworx Downhill Champions (M/F)
Crankworx FMBA Slopestyle World Champion (M)

Series Disciplines

Slopestyle: Gravity-fed and loaded with man-made features—giant sculpted jumps, narrow canon logs, near-vertical wallrides, huge drops—Slopestyle delivers tricks, flips and high-energy, mind-blowing action. Crankworx Slopestyle is sanctioned by the Freeride Mountain Bike Association.

Pump Track: Speed, flow and power are what push riders to the top in this head-to-head style competition. Without the ability to pedal, riders use the explosive starts, raw strength and the momentum of rollers on man-made tracks to pump enough speed to round the berms and cross the finish line first.

Speed & Style: The art of a Speed & Style win lies in the rider’s ability to pull off the best tricks on the fastest run down a gravity-fed course, out-witting all opponents by duking it out in pairs to slowly narrow the field.

Downhill (DH): Natural trails, a mix of technical features and steep, gnarly lines, plus riders’ innate ability to pin it down the mountain, make this full-throttle race a heart-stopper from top to bottom.

Dual Slalom: Raw rivalry is the name of the game in Dual Slalom. This crowd-pleasing format pits two competitors against one another in a side-by-side battle against each other, and the clock, to avoid elimination.

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