2005 Highlights

Darren “Bearclaw” Berrecloth hurls himself off the Slopestyle ladder-bridge to spin over a massive 60-foot gap and stomp the landing. It is “the 360 heard ’round the world,” and it sets the bar for Slopestyle moving forward. Brian Lopes, the man USA Today dubbed the best all-around world class cycling athlete, calls it “the sickest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Paul Bas, meanwhile, confirms he is no one-hit wonder by winning the Slopestyle for the second year in a row.

John Cowan designs and builds the new Jump Farm for the first KONA Jump Jam. Cameron McCaul wins the event and, combined with his fourth place in the Slopestyle, is pronounced by the judges to be “the future of freeriding.”

Brian Lopes wins the Bikercross and the Garbanzo Enduro DH. After blowing out his front tire in the first turn at the top of the Bike Park’s newest machine-built trail, Freight Train, Cedric Gracia manuals his way down all 1300-vertical feet of the course. Gracia finishes last, but launches the final GLC drop with style. “I built some new skills today,” he says.

“The coolest thing I ever saw at Crankworx was Darren Berrecloth 360’ing the road gap with ludicrous speed, greasing the landing. The bar was raised several notches after that move.”
– Haruki “Harookz” Noguchi, photographer

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