Crankworx is looking for a photographer! If this sounds like you, we invite proposals through Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Request for Proposal
Crankworx is seeking an event photographer for its World Tour events in Rotorua, Les Gets, Innsbruck and Whistler.

Photography Assignment
Attend all four Crankworx events to shoot and deliver editorial and commercial photographs on behalf of the Crankworx festivals.

Technical Specifications
The photographer will provide journalistic-style shots, with minimal editing, to feed the website, press release funnel, social media portfolio, Pinkbike blog and future advertising needs of the brand. The photographer will report to the Communications and Marketing Manager for assignments, self-manage their day and meet deadlines as specified by the communications team on site. It will be expected that the photographer work together with the onsite communications team to ensure the needs of the day are met, and to provide input and ideas to make the social media output, communications program, advertising, website and general visual components of the Crankworx brand stronger wherever possible.

Assignments will include but not exclusively feed:

Copyright & Ownership
Crankworx will hold the rights to all photos shot in perpetuity, as does the photographer. Crankworx will be free to use any photos shot for the purposes of: website, advertising, social media and blogging, photo databank, and can give away the photos, free of charge, to any media outlet who signs onto Flickr to download the photos for editorial purposes only. Any brand wishing to use a photo shot by one of our photographers, regardless of whether they are a partner of the event or not, must negotiate directly with the photographer who holds the rights.

Rates & Charges
Please provide a detailed quote of your rates and charges to complete all four locations daily shooting needs.

Rates and proposals will not be shared with candidates and candidates will not be solicited to provide a counter offer, so please make sure to offer your best rate.

Experience, References & Samples

Candidates are asked to demonstrate their experience in shooting similar events. Candidates are asked to provide three (3) professional references, along with relevant contact information, with your proposal.  Links to samples of your work.


Proposals can be submitted via Jennifer@Crankworx.com for consideration by end of day Wednesday, February 1. Only those candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.