Crankworx Fantasy Tips and Updates

In the life of the fast and furious, things change fast, some riders get carried away by the sweet Whistler festival fever and add more races to their schedule, while others may drop out due to injury.

We will keep you posted with daily updates, but we also encourage you to “like” the Riders social media pages so you are up to date and can make changes to your team as needed or desired.

Thursday, August 17

Riders Out 

Kathy Kurd– out of all events due to an old injury flare up

Remi Gauvin- cancelled out of Ultimate Pump Track Challenge presented by RockShox

Tracey Hannah- cancelled out of Ultimate Pumptrack Challenge presented by RockShox, Tracey is saving her energy for the Canadian Open DH presented by iXS.

Yannick Granieri – out of Red Bull Joyride, due to injury. Sadly Yannick broke his ankle yesterday.

Saturday, August 12

Riders Out

Myriam Nicole – out due to injury, we have confirmation that Myriam will miss Crankworx Whistler this year due to an injury sustained at MSA.

Remy Thirion, George Brannigan, Thibaut Ruffin, Gaetan Ruffin – the Commencal Team cancelled Garbanzo DH due to conflicting film project. Keep an eye for their edit dropping in the near future.

Note: Whistler’s Jesse Melamed (today’s photo above) is killing it! Hope you had him on your fantasy team.


Saturday, August 13

Riders Out

Jared Graves – cancelled for Garbanzo DH due to schedule conflict, look for him to race the Fox Air DH instead.

Curtis Keene – cancelled for Garbanzo DH due to schedule conflict, look for him to race the Fox Air DH instead.

Martin Söderström – out due to injury, but look for Martin to chill around Whistler, as he is still here to check out the events.

Brendan Fairclough – out due to injury at MSA, Brendan a regular on the Crankworx world tour will be missed.

Sam Dale – out to injury at MSA, Whistler Crankworx will sadly miss out on the Mullet Show.

Graham Agassiz – out due to injury, looks like Aggy has a broken hand and won’t be starting at the CLIF Bar Dual Speed and Style

Bryan Regnier  – still recovering from injury, Bryan will not be starting in the SRAM Canadian Open Enduro presented by Specialized.

Reece Wilson – out due to injury, Reece will not be starting in the Fox Air DH, Garbanzo DH or the Canadian Open Downhill presented by iXS.

Trish Bromley  – out due to concussion,  double vision is not helpful in dual speed and style

Adreane Lanthier Nadeau – out due to injury, sadly a broken scaphoid means Adreane will miss all the Whistler Crankworx events.

Riders Maybe

Myriam Nicole –Nicole injured her ankle at MSA, we are still hopeful she will be able to race at CWX. Stay tuned or visit her Facebook athlete page for updates.