2018 Crankworx Les Gets Stories

Crankworx Les Gets Kicks Off with All-New Whip-Off
Crankworx Les Gets will kick off with more of a bang than ever this year, with a shakeup to the sideways action that’s opened the fest each year. For 2018, the Official European Whip-Off Championships presented by Spank will be moving to a brand new location near the Les Gets lake, a scenic spot that’ll set the tone for the fest ahead as the best in the world get super sideways and send it into five days of mountain bike mastery.

The Best Downhill Track in the World is Back
Who would dare to make such an audacious statement? Not us, that’s for sure. So where did it come from? Here’s what the riders had to say in 2017 about the storied track that will once again play host to the Crankworx Les Gets DH presented by iXS in 2018.
“Probably the best track it’ve ridden in years.” -Sam Blenkinsop
“A track that I love riding.” -Troy Brosnan
“One of the best one’s ever.” -Mark Wallace
“Haven’t raced on such a sick track in years.” -Greg Minnaar
In 2016, Crankworx Les Gets brought this historic downhill track back to life. In 2017, its infamy grew, with many of the world’s best racers, past and present, joining in the action. The legend lives on in 2018, as the Crankworx Les Gets DH presented by iXS returns for its third year. Will the french riders continue to dominate for the Pro Women? Who’ll add their names to the history books this year for the Pro Men? It all comes to a head Saturday, June 23, when one the most hotly anticipated downhill contests of the year goes live to the world from Crankworx Les Gets.

Who’ll Surge Ahead in the Battle for the Triple Crown of Slopestyle?
This will be the question on everyone’s mind as slopestyle action takes flight at Crankworx Les Gets. The elusive prize, and accompanying $25,000 paycheque, requires one rider to win three out of four of the Crankworx slopestyle mountain biking competitions in one season. With the Crankworx Les Gets Slopestyle third in the order of competitions this year, there are two possibilities that’ll have athletes and fans on the edge of their seats heading into France. Will the Triple Crown be claimed in Les Gets? The seemingly impossible will become possible if the same rider wins the slopestyle competitions in both Rotorua and Innsbruck. Alternatively, if two different riders claim victories in the two previous Crankworx World Tour stops, then Les Gets will be the battleground where one rider will have the opportunity to surge ahead and set themselves up for victory in Whistler. The stakes are high, and the pressure higher, for this never-before-claimed prize. Will 2018 be the year? Will France be the place? The Crankworx Les Gets Slopestyle goes live to the world Sunday, June 24.

Dual Slalom Debuts at Crankworx Les Gets
For the first time in its history, Crankworx will be adding Dual Slalom to the list of competitions taking place at one of its european stops. An athlete and crowd favourite, this raw, head-to-head racing format pits two competitors against one another in a side-by-side battle against each other and the clock. Riders take one run down each side of the course, with the fastest combined time taking the win. Each lap through the track raises the stakes and works up everyone’s appetite to win. Building on the momentum that’ll have been created at the Dual Slalom at Crankworx Rotorua to start the year, the Crankworx Les Gets Dual Slalom will be the second of three DS events on the Crankworx World Tour circuit in 2018.