Innsbruck Stories

What’s new and noteworthy in the realm of Crankworx Innsbruck this year? Check out our story ideas below for what’s happening at the European home of Crankworx.

Crankworx Innsbruck 2022


The Crankworx World Tour kicks-off in Innsbruck, the heart of the Alps

The panorama in the Bikepark Innsbruck is something to be proud of. Rugged mountains, deep green forests and a vibrant city in the valley create the ultimate backdrop for top sport with style. From June, 15 – 19 the tour stop in Innsbruck opens one of the biggest bike festivals in the world – the Crankworx World Tour. Visitors will be treated to breathtaking action as the best in their profession take over the tracks and jumps on their bikes.

Course Updates

The riders will battle it out for the coveted podium places in seven competitions. Head-to-head races in the Dual Slalom, spectacular tricks in the Slopestyle, speed and optical delicacies in the Speed & Style, hypnotic rhythm on the Pump Track, maximum airtime in the Whip-Off and a wild chase down the mountain in the Downhill are on the agenda. The Dual Slalom has been further expanded: by extending it upwards, rider can look forward to a new curve and more slalom flags. The slopestyle has also been tinkered with: a new dirt-to-dirt jump and a freshly built quarter pipe in the finish area promise a new level of trick variety.

Long-awaited reunion

Like so many other sporting highlights around the globe, the Crankworx World Tour Fans recently had to watch the action at home on their couches. For the athletes and the entire Crankworx Innsbruck team, it is even more of a treat that this year numerous fans will once again be at the start, turning the Bikepark Innsbruck into a meeting point for the international and local bike community. Those who visit Crankworx Innsbruck do not have a mere spectator role, but thanks to the numerous side events can actively let off steam in many places and gather special knowledge about biking.

Memorable days

The workshops offer the ideal opportunity to improve your own skills and pick up valuable tips. Best examples are the Suspension Workshops, Women Ride Outs, Skills for Hills and – for little shredders – the Kidsworx program. The relaxed atmosphere of the festival makes it possible to get to know the participating athletes: autograph hunts are the order of the day at the signing sessions, joint ride outs allow material testing and exchange in one. Challenges allow you to show what you’ve got, and the Body & Mind creates new perspectives. Of course, we can’t miss out on partying together – during the day on the mountain and at night in the city, party mood is guaranteed.

Crankworx goes Green

Without an intact environment, mountain bikers lose their favorite playground and recreation area. That’s why Crankworx Innsbruck wants to make the festival as resource-friendly as possible. Travelling by public transport and bike, own water bottles, eTickets, thorough waste separation and repairing instead of throwing away are ways in which spectators can also reduce the impact of the event.