Air DH Kidsworx Invitational

Air DH Kidsworx Invitational

Young athletes will now have a chance to test their mettle on the tacky flume of Whistler’s most iconic trail. This invitational only category to the Air DH race gives up-and-coming 10-12 year old shredders a chance to make their mark on the racing scene. This category will follow the same course as the adults – 1200 vertical feet of mind over matter.

10-12 Boys (Born 2007-2009)

10-12 Girls (Born 2007-2009)

Invitations/Registration: For safety and insurance reasons, we have limited this race to an invitational format in order to select participants that we know can clear, comfortably, all the features in A-Line with speed, in a race format.

Riders must have previous experience in a race environment with high end skills on jump and steep technical trails.

Video footage, photos and previous race results will need to be provided for consideration for this event.

If you think your child has the ability to race in this event, please contact the Kidsworx Supervisor Carly Fox for consideration for entry into the 2019 event.

Mandatory protective equipment: Full-face helmet, chest armor, knee pads, elbow pads and gloves