Unofficial Official Scrub-Off

Back for the second year and ready to get just as weird, the Unofficial Official Scrub-Off is the event we didn’t know Crankworx Innsbruck was missing, until it happened.

The shapers tasked with reworking the Speed & Style course in 2021, a crew known as the Maybach Mountainbike Gang aka MMG, added a scrub hill into the mix. Not only did it add a great element to the Speed & Style course, it spawned a whole new event.

“As this worked out so well and all the riders started to really scrub and trick our created spine feature [during Speed & Style], we had the idea of getting the people, especially some of the slopestyle riders we know really well, hyped up on a little competition to figure out best scrub and best trick. You saw the result.”

In 2022, the Unofficial Official Scrub-Off is back, once again hosted in collab with the MMG crew.