RockShox Ultimate Pumptrack Challenge

RockShox Ultimate Pumptrack Challenge

Flow-rats take your marks. The Pump Track sees riders master a maze chock-full of the berms, banks and rollers needed to pump through to the finish line without ever making a pedal stroke. Riders duel back-to-back, no pedalling allowed, in this ultimate stripped-down showcase of a rider’s horizontal momentum mettle.

The Licensed Zone is open to the public and offers BBQ and beer. Please do not bring your dogs, bikes or parrots. They will not be permitted through the gates.


Thursday August 15
8:00pm - 10:00pm Webcast Pump Track Challenge

Event Information & Formats

Registration: This is an invitational event only.

Onsite Checkin:
Competitors need to check in at the Athlete Centre (Aava Hotel) to complete waiver / collect race decal.



Course: Designed and built by Adam Billinghurst from Earth Odyssey. Course is located in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park Boneyard

Prize Money: TBA