Official Whip-Off World Championships presented by SPANK

Official Whip-Off World Championships presented by SPANK

Started in: 2012
First pro winner:  Tyler McCaul (USA)
2018 pro winners: Casey Brown (CAN) and Allan Cooke (USA)
Whistler Bike Park Trails: Crabapple Hits

Style and skill reign supreme at the Official Whip-Off World Championships in Whistler, a jam-style event that reigning champion Casey Brown has called “Christmas” for the bike-minded. The premise? Simple. Hit the Whistler Bike Park’s most infamous jump line, go big, and throw your bike as sideways as possible, then bring it back underneath for a smooth landing. Developed by Sven Martin, the Grand Poo-Bah of mountain bike photography, the invitational event brings out one of the biggest crowds of the year, drawn to Crabapple Hits by the promise of big style and great vibes as a mix of the best riders in the world battle it out for the coveted championship belt, and the title of sovereign of style.


Thursday August 15
3:30pm - 5:00pm Finals Crabapple Hits, WMBP

Event Information & Formats

This is an invitational event only.

Onsite Checkin:
Competitors need to check in at the Athlete Centre (Aava Hotel) to complete waiver / collect decal.

Course: Crabapple Hits in the Fitzsimmons Zone of the Whistler Mountain Bike Park

Format and Judging: Jam style. Riders will be eliminated based on the judges’ discretion during the competition. The judging panel will select a winner based on amplitude, style, degree of whip past 90 degrees and, most importantly, the return of the bike to a straight position down the fall line.

Prize Money: TBA