Official Whip-Off World Championships presented by SPANK

Official Whip-Off World Championships presented by SPANK

Congratulations to Casey Brown and Finn Iles, 2016 winners

Skill and steeze reign supreme as the best adrenaline junkies in the biz meet for what undefeated whip wizard Casey Brown says calls “Christmas” for the gravity crowd. Developed by the Grand Pooh-Bah of mountain biking photography, Sven Martin, the Official Whip-Off World Championships combines big attitude and sideways flare in a playful throw-down of killer whips that never fail to draw one of the biggest crowds of the week. Grab a vuvuzela and get ready for a hike down from the Whistler Village Gondola. The crowd going wild never fails to hold a little influence as we get set to bestow the title of sovereign of style.


Thursday August 16
2:30pm - 4:00pm Official Whip-Off World Championships presented by SPANK Crabapple Hits, Whistler Mountain Bike Park

Event Information & Formats


There will be an open qualifier on Monday August 14.  The top 5-10 riders from the Qualifiers will be invited to compete with the prequalified riders in the August 17 Official Whip-Off World Championships presented by Spank.  Minimum age requirement is 16 years old.

Invited finalists and riders advancing through the qualifiers need to check in at the Athlete Centre (Aava Hotel) before proceeding to the Crabapple venue . Open 9am-3pm


Course: Crabapple Hits in the Fitzsimmons Zone of the Whistler Mountain Bike Park