Crankworx World Tour

Dual Slalom Rotorua

This crowd-pleasing format pits two competitors against one another in a side-by-side battle against each other and the clock’s cruel hand as racers battle to avoid elimination. The finely sculpted track of jumps, berms, rhythm sections and grass turns makes for a daring bike-handling battleground, challenging racers from every discipline to dig deep and put down the power. Riders take one run down each side of the course, with the fastest combined time taking the win. Each lap through the track raises the stakes and works up everyone’s appetite to win.

Registration information will be shared in August 2021.

Pro and 19+
WOMEN | Amateur/Open 19+ [2002+]
MEN | Amateur/Open 19+ [2002+]
MEN | Pro

WOMEN | Youth 13-14 [2007-2008]*
WOMEN | Youth 15-16 [2005-2006]*
WOMEN | Junior 17-18 [2003-2004]*
MEN | Youth 13-14 [2007-2008]
MEN | Youth 15-16 [2005-2006]
MEN | Junior 17-18 [2003-2004]

*WOMEN | CWneXt categories may be combined based on registration numbers

Minimum age is 13 (year of birth 2008) as of December 31st, 2021

For official rules please refer to the Crankworx World Tour Competition Rulebook HERE

Racing begins with Time Trials: two runs, combined times.
The number of riders advancing to the Elimination Finals and seeding will be determined for each category based on registration totals and the results of time trials.

Finals: Winner of the head-to-head, two-run differential-time race will advance to the next round.

Disqualifications / Did Not Finish
The competitor who is disqualified in, or who does not finish the first run of a heat will start the second run with a penalty time.

The competitor who is disqualified in, or does not finish the second run of a heat is eliminated.

If both competitors do not finish the second run, the result of the first run counts. If both were tied, disqualified or did not finish the first run, the competitor who biked the furthest distance in the second run will advance to the next round.

Causes for Disqualifications:

  • False start
  • Changing from one course to another
  • Interfering with an opponent, accidentally or not
  • Not passing through a gate correctly
  • Jumping the timing laser / finish line
  • Missing the start of a heat

Penalty Time (Max Differentials):
The penalty time (max differential) will be 1.5 seconds. In all cases, the maximum time difference for the first run of each pairing can never be higher than the penalty time. If both competitors are tied after the second run, the competitor who wins the second run advances to the next round. If both competitors are disqualified or did not finish in the second run, the competitor who biked the furthest distance before disqualification or did not finish advances. If both competitors are disqualified or did not finish at the same gate in the second run, then the competitor who won the first run will advance.

Full-face helmet (Any certified 1 or 2-piece helmet)

The course is located at Skyline Rotorua

Contact for more information: or visit the Athlete Info page.