Deep Summer Photo Challenge

Deep Summer Photo Challenge

Started in: 2009
Past winners:  Mattias Fredriksson (2009), Jordan Manley (2010), Robin O’Neill (2011), Reuben Krabbe (2012), Nicolas Teichrob (2013), Ale Di Lullo (2014), Sam Needham (2015), Tommy Wilkinson (2016), Daniel Ronnback (2017)
2018 winner: Chris Pilling

Five photographers. One wildcard contestant. Three days in the epicentre of the Crankworx World Tour: Whistler, British Columbia. This iconic photo showdown is an annual night to remember. When Deep Summer lights up during Crankworx, it leaves even the most seasoned Whistlerites looking at mountain biking’s West Coast haven with fresh eyes, and this year’s line up brings fresh perspective and long-planned dreams to the scene. 

The following competitors will spend August 11-13 shooting for their lives under the hot August heat of the first Crankworx weekend. When it all comes together on the big screen under the stars, the audience will be treated to six slideshows set to music, each telling their story of riding in mountain bike mecca.

Don’t miss booking your ticket to join us for a beverage in the licensed area—tickets will sell out.



Cassandra Prochera
Cassandra Prochera is a multi-sport photographer geared to shoot sledding in Revelstoke, BC each winter, and mountain and dirt bikes in the Sea to Sky Corridor come summer.

“Since the day I left Saskatchewan in my little red truck, I have found myself constantly inspired by so many other females fearlessly shredding the gnarly side of these mountain sports. Through photography, I have found a way to share not only with others, but also with these women, how talented and badass they really are. I have always been excited to share the stoke with my photos whether they are taken on the dirt or in the pow.”

Katie Lozancich
Katie Lozancich is an artist, photographer, and writer based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. After spending a summer living in a teepee at the foot of Grand Teton National Park, she packed her bags and left her hometown of Sacramento, California for good. She stumbled into the bike world from her pursuit to find a stint as a ski photographer. Now she’s busy researching gravity as a digital content contributor for action sports media house Teton Gravity Research. Moving forward, she’s excited to explore stories of community and inclusion on two wheels.

Michael Overbeck
Michael is a commercial and editorial photographer based out of the Coast Mountains of Canada. It is this landscape and community that first led him to picking up a camera at the age of 14, and it has been a cornerstone in developing his career. Now eight years later, his work focuses on telling captivating stories through powerful and inspiring images in mountainous environments all over the world.

Peter Jamison
Some may refer to me as ‘Pete’ or ‘Peej’, but regardless, I am a 19-year-old mountain bike athlete and content creator. Since finishing school, I have spent the majority of my time travelling out of my converted cargo van. These past months of my life have been incredibly instrumental as they have allowed me to pursue my dream of having both a career as an athlete and content creator. Who knows where my van will take me next, but for now I am in Vernon, BC with some incredibly supportive friends making the most out of every day.

Jim Topliss
Hey up! Iʼm a 22-year-old filmmaker and photomaker from Manchester, England.
I raced bikes for a while, and after a few bad slams, I took up filming full time (mainly because I love it. Also so I can keep doing cool stuff with my way faster mates!). In March, I got asked to head to Crankworx NZ for Deep Summer. I put it all on red and booked a flight out there. Luckily, everyone pulled together to take the win, so I could afford the flight home! Super stoked to see how wild we can push it this year in Whistler. Enjoy the show!