Crankworx World Tour

Deep Summer Photo Challenge

Started in: 2009
Past winners:  Mattias Fredriksson (2009), Jordan Manley (2010), Robin O’Neill (2011), Reuben Krabbe (2012), Nicolas Teichrob (2013), Ale Di Lullo (2014), Sam Needham (2015), Tommy Wilkinson (2016), Daniel Ronnback (2017), Chris Pilling (2018)
2019 winner: Jim Topliss

Five photographers. One wildcard contestant. Three days in the epicentre of the Crankworx World Tour: Whistler, British Columbia. This iconic photo showdown is an annual night to remember. When Deep Summer lights up during Crankworx, it leaves even the most seasoned Whistlerites looking at mountain biking’s West Coast haven with fresh eyes, and this year’s line up brings fresh perspective and long-planned dreams to the scene. 

Competitors spend three days shooting for their lives under the hot August heat of the first Crankworx weekend. When it all comes together on the big screen under the stars, the audience will be treated to six slideshows set to music, each telling their story of riding in mountain bike mecca.

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