Deep Summer Photo Challenge

Five photographers. One wildcard contestant. Three days in the epicentre of the Crankworx World Tour: Whistler, British Columbia. This iconic photo showdown is an annual night to remember. When Deep Summer lights up during Crankworx, it leaves even the most seasoned Whistlerites looking at mountain biking’s West Coast haven with fresh eyes.

Competitors spend three days shooting for their lives under the hot August heat of the first Crankworx weekend. When it all comes together on the big screen under the stars, the audience will be treated to six slideshows set to music, each telling their story of riding in mountain bike mecca.

Location: Whistler Olympic Plaza – Free spectators’ viewing at Whistler Olympic Plaza and bike valet will be available.

Date: Tuesday, July 25th

Time: 8:30pm – 10:00pm

Started in: 2009
Past winners:  Mattias Fredriksson (2009), Jordan Manley (2010), Robin O’Neill (2011), Reuben Krabbe (2012), Nicolas Teichrob (2013), Ale Di Lullo (2014), Sam Needham (2015), Tommy Wilkinson (2016), Daniel Ronnback (2017), Chris Pilling (2018), Jim Topliss (2019)
2022 winner: Kaz Yamamura

Thomas Falconer

Hailing from Rotorua, New Zealand, Thomas took home the 2020 Best Photographic Slideshow in Crankworx Rotorua’s Canon Deep Summer Photo Competition presented by Regent of Rotorua. Using photography as an extension of his personality, Thomas aims to connect with his audiences evoking emotion and feelings through his work; he considers Mountain bike photography as a personal statement, which allows him to think outside the box and shoot with purpose. Thomas loves creating new memories, expanding life experiences and capturing those moments. Competing in Crankworx Whistler Deep Summer Photo challenge 2023 he is fulfilling a highschool dream. 

“Kia ora! Coming from a wedding videography background has allowed me to really appreciate moments and its surroundings, to then encapsulate it into a feeling. That’s what I plan to bring to Crankworx Whistler Deep Summer photo challenge 2023.. BRING IT ON!”

Website: http://www.intheframe.co.nz/ 
Instagram: @intheframemedia

Brendan McClennon

An action sport & outdoor photographer, Brendan is based in Squamish, British Columbia. His photography is a reflection of the lifestyle he lives and is a way to share the intangible moments of the people and places he loves the most. 

Website: https://brendanmphoto.com/ 
Instagram: @brenmacs

Ronia Nash

Ronia Nash is an action and wildlife photographer based out of Squamish, BC. She transitioned into photography after moving to Canada in 2006, where she was exposed to the endlessly dynamic landscapes and outdoor activities of the Sea to Sky corridor. Ronia focuses on photographing moments that inspire others to live their dream. A winner of the 2021 Australian Mountain Bike Awards: Women in AMB category, she also photographs for the Women’s Freeride Movement.  

Website: https://ronianash.smugmug.com
Instagram: @ronianash

Matt Bruhns

Matt Bruhns lives in Pemberton, BC. He wears a lot of different hats but loves carrying a camera bag around more than anything else. He’s thankful for all the friends, family, athletes, and brands that have supported him and his work over the years and is excited to give Deep Summer a try. Make Photos Great Again!

Headshot photo credit: Adrian Marcoux
Instagram: @bruhnsphoto

Sofia Warrington

Born and raised on the West Coast and currently living in Squamish, Sofia has been using photography as a way of documenting her trips and outdoor adventures since she bought her first point-and-shoot camera at 7 years old. Her passion for adventure photography has only grown since then and has given her some incredible opportunities to grow as a photographer, skier, climber, and biker. 

More than anything, Sofia loves capturing candid photos of people in the places they love, doing what they love. She’s excited to chase friends on bikes around with a camera during Crankworx Whistler 2023 and share some of their favourite spots around the Sea to Sky.

Website: https://sofiawarrington.com/prints
Instagram: @sofia.warrington

Hailey Elise

Hailey Elise is a professional mountain bike athlete and photographer. The thirst for adventure and a love of sport was planted at an early age in the mountains surrounding Vancouver, British Columbia.

While attending university, Hailey fell in love with fashion and began shooting Vancouver Fashion Week and started a fashion blog. Moving to Whistler in 2012 was the push she needed to pursue her love of bikes and develop her passion for photography further, this time in action sports. She learned a unique set of skills in the surrounding area, developing a creative eye, a drive to push further, and a desire to know no limits. 

Hailey constantly seeks growth and is always striving to expand past her own boundaries in the freeride world, in her adventures, and in getting her photography and video work published on many action sport platforms. 

Photo: Kaz Yamamura