December 11-12, 2021 will be the final stop of the 2021 CSS NZ with the action wrapping at Bike Glendhu in Wānaka.

Events: Dual Slalom

The brainchild of an industrious farmer and a wellness expert with a love of mountain biking, Bike Glendhu has quickly become a local favourite in Wānaka. Quick, poppy and intuitive, the trails transport you to Canada’s West Coast where the sport was born – they just make sense. Ride techy natural features, beautiful flow and stoke-worthy jump lines. And tie up your day with a cold one and delicious food back at the base building. 

Just 15 min from the bike park is your homebase: Wānaka. A place to go beyond the everyday, Wānaka is located in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, at the tip of the glacial lake for which the town is named. Endless adventures, epic scenery and a town renowned for its mountain culture, mountain biking has made its home in the rugged hills of Wānaka. 

Both local legends and international MTB pros love riding Wānaka. Check out stories and information below for inspiration. 

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