February 28-March 1, 2023 Crankworx Summer Series New Zealand will launch from the brand new Matangi Station Mountain Bike Park in Alexandra. 

Events: Enduro

In 2023, Alexandra will host a 5-staged enduro showing off the best it has to offer. The riding in Alexandra is known for rocky, janky, techy good times. Riders get ready for a fight for flow through boulder fields and over rock rolls, and an event full of lung-busting efforts, mechanicals, and a real good time on the South Island of New Zealand. Fast, or slow, one thing’s for sure — you’ll wish you were staying longer.

Please note: there will be no shuttled option for the Enduro.

Alexandra Enduro Race Book – Click Here

WOMEN | U15 [2009-2010]
WOMEN | U17  [2007-2008]
WOMEN | U19 [2005-2006]
MEN | U15 [2009-2010]
MEN | U17  [2007-2008]
MEN | U19 [2005-2006]
MEN | OPEN [2004+]
WOMEN | OPEN [2004+]
MEN | PRO [2004+]
WOMEN | PRO [2004+]

Race Plate Pick Up & Check In
Location: Alexandra Community Centre, 15 Skird St, Alexandra
Tuesday February 28 | 8:00am – 10:00pm
Wednesday March 1 | 10:00am – 11:30am

About Alexandra:

The new world-class Matangi Station MTB opened in summer 2021/2022 unearthing some of Alexandra, and Central Otago’s most raw, rocky and technical trails. Alexandra is a cyclist’s haven with riders coming from all over the world to get amongst their famous tracks. Alexandra is also a hub to accessing Central Otago’s three Great Rides, including NZ’s Original Great Ride the Otago Central Rail Trail, the Roxburgh Gorge Trail and Clutha Gold Trail. The nearby Lake Dunstan trail opened May 2021 to great fanfare and has been received well with those testing the dirt.

Alexandra Info: Alexandra & Clyde – Central Otago | Central Otago (centralotagonz.com)

Accommodation Options: https://centralotagonz.com/discover/our-towns-and-communities/alexandra-and-clyde/accommodation/

Alexandra Trails: Mountain Bike Trails | Central Otago (centralotagonz.com)

Matangi Station: https://matangistationmtb.com/