Innsbruck Athlete Info


Registration is now closed.

Cancellation Policy
Entry fees are refundable (less processing fee) providing cancellation notice is received in writing to athletes@crankworx.com by the registration deadline. Registration deadline is June 3 at 23:59 CEST. All entries are non-refundable or transferable after the registration deadline (even in the case of injury or mechanical problems).

Competitors who need to withdraw after the registration deadline should email athletes@crankworx.com to confirm their withdrawal otherwise they will appear on the start list as a DNS.

Riders Office

Located at the entrance gates to the festival. Registered riders will check in and collect their race plate from this location.

Tuesday June 14 | 15:00-17:00
Wednesday June 15 | 8:00-14:00 & 17:30-18:30
Thursday June 16 | 8:00-15:00
Friday June 17 | 8:00-15:00
Saturday June 18 | 8:00-15:00
Sunday June 19 | 7:30-17:30

Race Category Eligibility

Race Category Eligibility (Age and Gender) for all Crankworx in DH events will be determined by the athletes Austrian Cycling Federation or UCI license. For Athletes who do not possess an Austrian Cycling Federation or UCI license, and do not require one for any of the races in which they are entered, Race Category Eligibility (Age and Gender) will be determined by the athletes Birth Certificate or Passport. Athletes may be required to provide evidence at the point of athlete registration or accreditation (at the discretion of the Athlete Manager or Event Director).

Tech Area

For DH Team or Privateer pit space, reservations are required. To reserve a space in the designated Tech Area, an online booking form will need to be completed.

Reservation Deadline: Friday June 3 at 23:59 CEST

Tech Area Application Form
Tech Area Rules and Regulations


How old do I have to be to enter?
Minimum age for Dual Slalom and the CWNEXT Pump Track is 13 years old as of December 31, 2022 (year of birth 2009).
Minimum age for Downhill is 15 years old as of December 31, 2022 (year of birth 2007)

Please refer to the Kidsworx programming for options for younger competitors (12 years and younger). Details coming soon.

Do I need a License?
All competitors in the Innsbruck Downhill presented by Raiffeisen Club will need to have an international UCI license issued by their national cycling federation. One-event licenses will not be available.

The Dual Slalom Innsbruck does not require a license.

How do I find out what time I’ll be racing?
Event times are posted on the event schedule. The start list will be posted online HERE the evening prior to the event.

Protective Equipment Requirements

Full-face helmets are required for all Crankworx events.

Special protection rules apply for competitors in the Innsbruck Downhill presented by Raiffeisen Club. It is MANDATORY for riders to wear:

– A full-face helmet
– Knee, elbow and back protection
– Gloves with full hand protection
– Shirt with at least short sleeves

A neck brace and shoulder pads are highly recommended

Helmets must be full face and of a one-piece design. Slimmed down ‘Enduro’ full face helmets are not advised. Helmet straps must be closed on course. The local organizer is responsible for enforcing compliance with gear regulations. Failure to comply with gear regulations will result in disqualification.

Medical Services / First Aid Management

Race medical services are provided on site during training sessions and competition. There are several hospitals, doctors and physiotherapists close to the location.

The First Response Team (Medics) will have radio contact with on-course marshals and the race manager for the duration of training and race sessions.

Concussion is a specific area for focus in mountain biking. Crankworx Innsbruck has a structured concussion assessment and management protocol in place for ensuring athletes get the best possible care when affected by a concussion. For more information on the concussion protocol please contact athletes@crankworx.com

Medical Facilities

Hospital: Universitätskliniken Innsbruck, Anichstraße 35, 6020 Innsbruck (+43 50 504-0)

Pharmacy: Apotheke Zum heiligen Nikolaus, Schulgasse 1, 6162 Mutters

Vellenberg-Apotheke, Burgstraße 4, 6091 Götzens


Accident and health insurance covering participation in mountain bike competition is mandatory for all riders. Travel and liability insurance is recommended as well when travelling and competing at any Crankworx World Tour events. Insurance coverage is not provided by Crankworx Innsbruck.

Image Release

As a condition of my participation in Crankworx Innsbruck, I hereby unconditionally and irrevocably consent, authorize and grant Crankworx Events Inc. (“CEI”), the event organizers of each event, and their respective affiliates, sponsors, promoters, advertisers, broadcasters, webcasters, contractors, agents, representatives, licensees and assigns (together, the “Releasees”) all the necessary authority, right and license and permission to use photographs, audio or video recordings, or other forms of recordings that capture my image, likeness, voice or performance (or all of these) (collectively hereinafter referred to as “Images”), in which I may be included in whole or in part, in any manner or media, including print, broadcast, internet media, direct marketing channels, downloadable content and applications, and all other technologies now known or hereafter developed. I acknowledge that drones may be used in capturing these images and accept that they may be flying above me. The Images may be used or exploited for any commercial or non-commercial purpose whatsoever, and may be altered, modified, changed, combined or incorporated into other works I hereby relinquish any rights I may have in the Images (including privacy, personality and publicity rights. In no event shall I seek or be entitled to injunctive or other equitable relief in connection with the use of the Images. No fees or other compensation whatsoever will be provided to me for or in connection with the use of the Images. I hereby release the Releasees from any and all claims which I may now or in the future have relating to the ownership, reproductions, display, distribution or other use of the Images.

Questions? Please contact athletes@crankworx.com
DH specific questions? Please contact dh.crankworx@itsgreat.at