Cairns Athlete Information


Online registration will open on Tuesday July 19 at 10:00 AEST
Registration Deadline: Friday September 30 at 23:59 AEST (unless race sells out in advance)
There will be no onsite registration.

Riders must register in the same category for all events (there is not an option to register in Pro for one event and Amateur for another).

Competitors will need to create an account and set up an athlete profile. The account and athlete profile will be used for all Crankworx festivals and events moving forward. Only one account and profile is required. Once an athlete profile is created, competitors can register for races through their profile. For competitors 17 years and younger, a parent can create a profile and add their children under “Manage Additional Athletes”

**Please note, you can only have one tab open in a browser at a time to register an athlete. If you are a parent registering multiple children, you can only register one child at a time. You will need to navigate to “Manage Additional Athletes”, select the first child, register then pay, before proceeding to register your second or third child.
*Waitlists: Once a category has sold out, please add yourself or child to the waitlist by navigating to “register for events”, selecting the race and then clicking ‘Sold Out, Join waitlist’. Please only click this button once. If you click multiple times, it will remove you and then re-add you at the bottom of the waitlist.

Cancellation Policy
Entry fees are refundable (less processing fee) providing cancellation notice is received in writing to athletes@crankworx.com by the registration deadline. Registration deadline is September 30 at 23:59 AEST. All entries are non-refundable or transferable after the registration deadline (even in the case of injury or mechanical problems).

Competitors who need to withdraw after the registration deadline should email athletes@crankworx.com to confirm their withdrawal otherwise they will appear on the start list as a DNS.


Location: Front of the venue (Smithfield Bike Park)

Tuesday 4th October | 11:30AM – 4:00PM
Wednesday 5th October | 8:00AM – 4:00PM
Thursday 6th October | 8:00AM – 1:00PM
Friday 7th October | 8:30AM – 1:00PM
Saturday 8th October | 8:30AM – 2:00PM
Sunday 9th October | 8:00AM – 12:00PM


Entry fees include a Festival Pass for October 5-9, 2022. No additional pass purchase is required for a registered athlete. Friends/Family and spectators will need to purchase a festival pass.

Age Determination: Minimum age is calculated based on the age a competitor will be as of December 31, 2022

CWNEXT Pump Track
Entry Fee: $81.40 AUD (10% GST & service fees included)
MEN | U15 [2008-2009]
MEN | U17 [2006-2007]
MEN | U19 [2004-2005]
WOMEN | U15 [2008-2009]
WOMEN | U17 [2006-2007]
WOMEN | U19 [2004-2005]
*WOMEN categories may be combined based on registration numbers

Crankworx Cairns Downhill
Entry Fee: $145.20 AUD (10% GST & service fees included)
MEN | U15 [2008-2009] **
MEN | U17 [2006-2007]
MEN | U19 [2004-2005]
MEN | Senior 19-34 [1988-2003]
MEN | Master 35-39 [1983-1987]
MEN | Veteran 40+ [1982+]
MEN | Elite
WOMEN | U15 [2008-2009] **
WOMEN | U17 [2006-2007]
WOMEN | U19 [2004-2005]
WOMEN | Senior 19+ [2003+]
WOMEN | Elite
**Vetting for the U15 may be required. Top 10 at 2022 AusCycling National MTB Championships will not require vetting. All other U15 riders will be reviewed by AusCycling and the Crankworx Cairns Downhill Race Director. If the criteria is not met, riders will be notified and issued a refund.

Specialized Dual Slalom Cairns
Entry Fee: $115.50 AUD (10% GST & service fees included)
MEN | U15 [2008-2009]
MEN | U17 [2006-2007]
MEN | U19 [2004-2005]
MEN | Open 19+ [2003+]
MEN | Pro
WOMEN | U15 [2008-2009]
WOMEN | U17 [2006-2007]
WOMEN | U19 [2004-2005]
WOMEN | Open 19+ [2003+]
*WOMEN categories may be combined based on registration numbers



Travel to Australia for international competitors and athlete support will require a visa.

The appropriate visa option will depend, amongst other things, on the person’s purpose or role at the event. Please see below for the visa options relating to competitors.

Amateur Competitors, their family members, and spectators
(those that are not receiving a payment, including prize money, and do not have a profession closely related to the sport)
The above can apply for an ETA (601), eVisitor (651) or a Visitor Visa (subclass 600) in the tourist stream

Eligibility for an eVisitor visa and ETA will be determined by the country of passport that the applicant holds. Passport holders who are not eligible to apply for an eVisitor visa or an ETA should apply for a Visitor visa (Subclass 600) in the tourist stream.

  • Visitor (subclass 600) (Tourist stream) visa. For more information click here
  • Electronic Travel Authority – ETA (subclass 601). For more click here
  • eVisitor (subclass 651) (Tourist Stream) visa. For more click here

Professional Competitors & Official Athlete Support
(A professional sports person, team, support staff or official invited to participate in an event by an Australian organization)
The above may be eligible to apply for the following visa option:

  • Temporary Activity (subclass 408)(Invited Participant) visa.  For more click here

Please note that a the letter of support from an Australian organization is a legislative requirement for the Temporary Activity (subclass 408)(Invited Participant) visa.

A professional sports person, team, support staff or official invited to participate at the event where there is no inviting Australian organisation may be eligible to apply for a:

  • Temporary Work (subclass 400)(Short Stay Specialist) visa.  For more click here

Visa processing times

It is strongly recommended that applicants apply 6-8 weeks of their intended travel dates of travel to ensure timely visa processing.

Global visa processing times are available on the Department’s website

Australian Border Requirements

Australia has strict border measures in place to protect the health of the Australian community. Please click HERE for COVID-19 international travel information including travel exemptions, vaccinations status, and pre-departure COVID-19 testing requirements.


Full-face helmets are required for all Crankworx events (Downhills, Dual Slalom, Whip-off, Speed & Style, Pump Track and Slopestyle)

**Racers in the Crankworx Cairns Downhill will also be subject to other mandatory protection requirements as per AusCycling Technical regulations

Per AusCycling technical regulations the following safety equipment is required for downhill:

• Full-Face helmet with a fixed non-detachable mouth piece,
• A jersey or shirt covering the elbows must be worn as a minimum. ¾ length jerseys are acceptable
• Knees must be covered by full-length trousers and /or self-fastening knee or knee/shin guards expressly designed for off-road cycling

For Under 15/17 categories, the following equipment is mandatory at all times whilst on track:
• Full finger gloves must be worn,
• Full length jersey – jersey must cover elbows at all times,
• Knee pads and elbow pads must be worn.

AusCycling strongly recommends the use of the following for all competitors:
• Neck brace expressly designed for off-road competition;
• Back and shoulder protection expressly designed for purpose;
• Full finger gloves
• Elbow protectors and/or long sleeve jersey to the wrist;
• Googles expressly designed for the purpose.


Travel, medical and liability insurance is recommended when travelling and competing at any Crankworx World Tour events. Insurance coverage is not provided by Crankworx Cairns.


1. Do I need to purchase a festival pass if I am competing?
No your race registration includes access to the 5 day festival

2. Do I need to purchase a ticket for uplift shuttles?
No, your race registration includes uplift shuttles for DH training days and competition  

3. Where do I pick up my race plate?
Race plates will be collected from the athlete registration tent during the designated check in hour (see below). Location is at the front of the venue.

Athlete Registration Tent Hours
Tuesday 4th October | 12:00PM – 4:00PM
Wednesday 5th October | 8:00AM – 4:00PM
Thursday 6th October | 8:00AM – 1:00PM
Friday 7th October | 8:30AM – 1:00PM
Saturday 8th October | 8:30AM – 2:00PM
Sunday 9th October | 8:00AM – 12:00PM

4. Where do I find out what time I am racing/training?
See schedule HERE

5. What license/insurance will I need to compete in CWX Cairns?
The Crankworx Cairns Downhill is sanctioned by the UCI and AUSCycling as a C1 race. All categories will require a race license.

Competitors in the Elite and U19 categories require a 2022 UCI license issued by their national federation.

Competitors in the U15, U17, Senior, Master and Veteran categories require either a UCI license issued by their national federation or a 2022 AUSCycling license (Race Off Road or Race All Discipline Membership).

One-day race licenses are not available for this race.

AUSCycling Licenses can be purchased: <https://www.auscycling.org.au/membership/other/international-licences>

Athletes competing in the Dual Slalom and Pump Track event will require a full AUSCycling License. International athletes will need a UCI license, or proof of adequate travel insurance to cover their participation in the event.

There is no license required for children participating in Kidsworx events.

6. Is there parking at the venue?
Parking is located in the general event parking areas within James Cook University. There will be no designated athlete parking areas.

Venue Map and Parking Map – Click HERE

7. What protective gear do I need to compete?
See rider protection section above.

8. I am on the waitlist for an event, how will I know if I will be able to race?
Athletes on the waitlist have been invited as places open up in their event/category. If you are invited, you will have 24hours to register. If your link expires before you have time to register, please email ride@crankworxcairns.com.au to have your invite resent to you.

9. What events do you have for Kids that are too young to compete in Crankworx Events?
You can register for our Kidsworx events https://www.crankworx.com/cairns/kidsworx/

10. I can no longer attend Crankworx, can I get a refund?
Please see cancellation policy at the top of this page

QUESTIONS: ride@crankworxcairns.com.au or athletes@crankworx.com