Dakotah Norton

Dakotah Norton

Birthday: April 30th, 1992
Hometown: Michigan, USA
Top Disciplines: Downhill

Where were you born?
Grand rapids, MI

Where’s home for you now?
Knoxville Tennessee

What first got you in to mountain biking?
I rode a Slalom Bike during my college recruitment, I fell in love with a good slalom track that day.

Where’s your favorite place to ride?
Whistler mountain bike park

When did you decide this is something you wanted to do professionally?
I never set out to ride my bike as a job. I just wanted to get to go cool places and ride a solid bike.. it just happened organically.

Describe your first Crankworx experience.
First Crankworx for me was whistler in 2015 when I got my pump track bronze and slalom gold. It was pretty overwhelming for me, that weekend changed my life and opened the doors for the career I have today. Good memories in whistler.

What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment to date?
My world cup podium in Croatia was in my opinion my greatest achievement.

What’s been your favorite Crankworx memory so far?
Dirt merchant trains with all the heavy hitters last year.

Do you have any projects on the go or any goals you’re working towards?
Just being the best athlete I can be, I want to be fighting for downhill wins.

Beyond bikes, what other things are you in to?
I’m a coffee nerd and I love to ride my dirt bike. If I could be doing anything I will always choose riding my motorcycle, I’m grateful riding a bicycle has brought motorcross back into my life.

Past Crankworx Podium Finishes:
2015 GIANT Dual Slalom Whistler – Gold