Cam Zink

Cam Zink

Cameron Zink
Birthday: March 8, 1986 (32)
Hometown: Reno, Nevada
Top disciplines: Slopestyle, Speed & Style, Dual Slalom

The name Cam ‘Zank’ Zink is, and always has been, synonymous with Crankworx.

His racing career started at 9-years-old, and built until he made his way to the very first Crankworx, where he took fifth place in the inaugural slopestyle competition – an experience he describes as “incredible.”

“I saw a new sport become legitimate overnight and it showed me what I would be doing for the last 13 years,” he said.

His star rose as Crankworx grew, quickly leading to a career-defining moment in 2006 when he claimed the top spot on the box in slopestyle, his first big win. Of his many years, and many winning moments, he says his favourite came in 2010: “…landing on the last jump and riding into a mental finish corral. The best feeling in the world short of the birth of my daughter… Then the infamous SRAM beer shower.” Those watching 2016’s Red Bull Joyride got to witness a special moment.


Past Crankworx Podiums:
2005 Slopestyle at Crankworx Whistler – Bronze
2006 Slopestyle at Crankworx Whistler – Gold
2010 Monster Energy Slopestyle at Crankworx Whistler – Gold
2011 Red Bull Joyride at Crankworx Whistler – Silver
2011 Teva Best Trick – Winner
2012 Speed & Style at Crankworx L2A – Gold
2012 Unofficial Whip-Off World Championship – Bronze
2013 Speed & Style at Crankworx L2A – Bronze
2013 Dual Speed & Style at Crankworx Whistler – Silver
2014 Speed & Style at Crankworx L2A – Gold