Bernard Kerr

Bernard Kerr

Birthday: February 16, 1991
Hometown: London, UK
Top Disciplines: DH, Dual Slalom, Dual Speed & Style

Where were you born?
Tunbridge wells, UK

Where’s home for you now?  
Beautiful Surrey just a stones throw from London.

What first got you in to mountain biking?
My cousin Joe.

Where’s your favourite place to ride?
Its a close call between Queenstown NZ and surrey in the UK!

When did you decide this is something you wanted to do professionally?
I didn’t really ever decide I just got better and better and got sponsored….I think this is something Kids these days are either missing / forgetting as a lot of them just “want to be pro / sponsored” …just have fun and if you become pro then rad!

Describe your first Crankworx experience.
AMAZING, overwhelming, last minute and probably actually a bad decision as it was just before my first world champs as a junior in Australia and I got hurt! haha

What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment to date?
King of crankworx / Redbull hardline winner.

What’s been your favourite Crankworx memory so far?
Winning king of crankworx…I set out to do it that year and made it happen…that and winning Dual slalom in Les gets this year after having a bad start to my season, that really put a smile on my face and was almost more a sense of relief!

Do you have any projects on the go or any goals you’re working towards?
King of crankworx rd2 and win a world cup!

Beyond bikes, what other things are you in to?
Motocross for sure and probably just buying stupid cars and small motorbikes! haha

Past Crankworx Podium Finishes:
2009 Telus Dual Slalom Whistler – Silver (Junior Men)
2014 GT Dual Speed & Style Les 2 Alpes – Bronze (Pro Men)
2014 Spank Official European Whip-Off Championships Les 2 Alpes – Silver (Pro Men)
2015 Mons Royale Dual Speed and Style Rotorua – Bronze (Pro Men)
2015 Official Oceania Whip Off Championships Rotorua – Bronze (Pro Men)
2015 Dual Speed & Style Les 2 Alpes – Gold (Pro Men)
2015 Giant Dual Slalom Whistler – Bronze (Pro Men)
2015 King of Crankworx
2016 Giant Dual Slalom Whistler – Silver (Pro Men)