Austin ‘Bubba’ Warren

Austin ‘Bubba’ Warren

Birthday: 05/28/1994
Hometown: Alpine, California
Top Disciplines: Dual Slalom, Pump Track, Downhill

Where were you born?
San Diego, California

Where’s home for you now?
Alpine, California

What first got you in to mountain biking?
Keeping it short, my older brother Cody. He raced Crankworx series for along time and got me into it racing at a very young age.

Where’s your favorite place to ride?
That’s a really tough call, it’s really does change a lot honestly but I would have to say up North in Bellingham WA.

When did you decide this is something you wanted to do professionally?
I started racing when I was just about 4 at the bmx track. Then gave motocross a try and had a blast doing that. But when my brother was national champ for DH that’s when I knew this is what I loved and wanted to do.

Describe your first Crankworx experience.
Ohhh man, hmmm 2011 whistler dual slalom when I was 16 racing against Troy Brosnan. It was a heater. Raining and such a big crowd. 2 kids racing in pro against the big dogs. Remembering how much fun it was to just compete against the best. It was just such an awesome expiernece and couldn’t ask for a more awesome time.

What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment to date?
My biggest accomplishment to date would be honestly racing again the people I always wanted to race. Going head to head against Kyle Strait in the finals in dual slalom to racing Thomas Slavik in pumptrack. So many amazing people racing and I’m part of that amazing experience.

What’s been your favorite Crankworx memory so far?
The most memorable memory I have from Crankworx I would have to say for me is 2017 whipoffs at whistler. Going way past 180 and just taking it to the ground. Ending up in 2nd place but that crash has taught me so many new ways to approach all the events at crankworx.

Do you have any projects on the go or any goals you’re working towards?
My main goals for 2019 are to take the overall for dual slalom. I want a win in the crankworx series and I feel I’m so close.

Beyond bikes, what other things are you in to?
During the off season or none race time I spend a lot of time at my dads machine shop. Welding, machining, working on motorcycles. It’s a awesome trait to know. Working and riding motorcycles are my main go toos for off season. Fishing is something I really love to do when I have time to do it. Nothing better than to relax and let lose on the lake.


Past Crankworx Podium Finishes:
2017 Official Whip Off World Championships presented by Spank Whistler – Silver
2018 RockShox Innsbruck Pump Track Challenge – Bronze
2018 100% Dual Slalom Whistler – Silver