Dirt Diaries

Dirt Diaries


Tickets are on sale now for $8. Tickets are for the Licensed area only; seating on the grass is free.

Congratulations, Dylan Forbes!

Crankworx and Whistler Blackcomb will celebrate the creative spirit and storytelling culture of mountain biking for the fifth year with Dirt Diaries.

Six athletes have been invited to assemble a team of riders and videographers to produce a video showcasing their passion for their sport. The four to six-minute videos began production in June and will be screened in Whistler Olympic Plaza.

Dirt Diaries gives the athletes a chance to take the camera in their own hands and capture the stories they want to create,” says Darren Kinnaird, Crankworx General Manager.

Who’s riding this year?



Dylan Forbes
Dylan has unceasingly moved through the ranks of the MTB industry in his decade-plus of service. From local shop mechanic to filmmaker to professional athlete, all in the name of good times, he has spent every day immersed in mountain biking, loving every minute of his continuous work-versus-ride balancing act.



Ollie Jones web-icon
An English rose on Canadian soil, anything goes in Ollie’s world. As a rider for NSMB.com, photographer and filmer, Ollie is a Jack of all trades. He also worked on last year’s winning show with Kyle Norbraten and Matt Dennison, The Sickest Edit Ever, as Final Cut Bro. One-liner: “WE NEED MORE ROOST!”



Josh Lewis YouTube
One quarter of 50to01, things always seem to go off. You won’t get polished shots and slo-mo drone footage from him, instead he’s armed with a dad-cam and surrounded by his best mates. His aim is to bring the most natural footage he can, melt egos and promote the awareness and preservation of our insane surroundings!



Mike Gamble web-icon
Following a dream to live in the mountains, Mike has pursued his love of cinematography since arriving in Whistler in 2010. It is this line of work that has given him valid reason to travel and explore new places around the world.


Eddie Masters at the Official Whip-Off World Championships presented by Spank at Crankworx, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. (photo Sean St.Denis)

Eddie Masters 
Eddie Masters is famous for jandle-footed runs of extremely perilous terrain (such as Crabapple Hits) and infamous for just about everything else. He might be a start gate-dabbing show boater, but we suspect he’s got more than a few brain cells under his cap.


Tuesday August 16
8:30pm - 10:00pm Dirt Diaries Whistler Olympic Plaza