2007 Highlights

Ben Boyko’s 360 off the 22-foot Jumobotron drop steals the show and takes the Slopestyle. Powered by a hometown crowd, Whistler’s 16-year-old Brandon Semenuk storms the podium, pushing 2006’s reigning champs Cam Zink and Cam McCaul off the dais. Though technically underage, Semenuk later gets his Red Bull helmet in an ordination that takes place, rather fittingly, at The Boot Pub. “It was my first podium in a freeride event, but I don’t know if I realised what it was; I was just doing my thing and trying to do the best I could,” said Semenuk.

Tracy Moseley wins the inaugural Dual Slalom, as well as the Garbanzo DH, Air DH and the Canadian Open DH, while in the men’s division, Greg Minnar and Sam Hill battle it out for the top spots.

Womenzworx debuts with riding clinics and a “girls only” freeride competition dubbed The Gala; it is the only non-timed contest event for women riders in existence. Claire Buchar wins the Pro category and Casey Brown takes the amateur category.

Greg Minnaar wins the first Dual Slalom debut in the Boneyard.

The Canadian Open Downhill is added to the event line-up.

“That’s what is so magical about Crankworx. It has always been an awesome stepping stone for both young riders and seasoned veterans. Crankworx does a great job bridging the gap and getting people recognized.”
– Claire Buchar, The Gala women’s freeride winner

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