2004 Highlights

Paul “Bas” Basagoitia borrows a friend’s bike to compete in the inaugural Crankworx Slopestyle event. Coming from a freestyle BMX background, he has no real experience with freeride mountain biking. Admittedly, he is surprised by the scale of Crankworx, yet his inexperience fails to hold him back. He blows the doors off the course to secure the win, changing his life forever.

“After I won, my phone wouldn’t stop ringing,” says Bas. The sponsorship and event opportunities kept flowing.

The legendary huckfest is seen as a catalyst for the evolution of freeride mountain biking. Kyle Strait earns a bronze, later naming it a pivotal career moment, and Timo Pritzel clears an entire scaffold jump before shattering his leg on the landing.

“One of the craziest hucks we have seen to date,” remarks Skip Taylor, executive producer.

“Best event I’ve ever attended,” says Eric Carter, 2004 Four-cross World Champion.

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