Dirt Diaries

Dirt Diaries

Started in: 2012
Past winners: Leo Zukerman (2012)Richie Schley and Leo Zuckerman (2013), Ross Measures and Matt Dennison (2014), Kyle Norbraten and IFHT Films (2015), Dylan Forbes and Mitch Gulliver (2016), Micayla Gatto & IFHT Films (2017)
2018 winner: Damien Vergez

Crankworx and Whistler Blackcomb celebrate the creative spirit, and storytelling culture of mountain biking in this video throw-down for a seventh year.

Six filmmakers bring us the ride of our lives this summer, showcasing a slice of one athlete’s diary. These four to six-minute videos begin production June 1 and hit the big screen during Crankworx Whistler, August 14. Teams must include the Whistler Valley and Whistler Mountain Bike Park in a quarter of their film—from there it’s free creative licence. They choose the size and scope of their team, their supports, their geographical boundaries. This is the blank canvas of the Crankworx culture beat, shining the spotlight on shooters on the cutting edge of their game.

This year’s contestants span the globe and several genres of photographic and videographic talent. Don’t forget to get your tickets to join us in the licensed area for a beverage —link above.

The Event runs Wednesday, August 14, VIP Experience starts at 8:00 p.m. and event at 8:30 p.m

Anne Cleary and Lacy Kemp | Mad Trees
Anne Cleary is a filmmaker based in Washington. Her films have a raw, slice-of-life feel, giving her audience a sense of belonging. She employs verité techniques to build character, while maintaining a sense of humour. Through a healthy balance of character development and shred, Anne is able to bring the audience on a ride with the characters through film. Lacy Kemp is a writer, director, and producer from Bellingham, Washington. Her projects favour heavy storytelling and aim to weave artistic elements throughout. She likes to take unconventional ideas and bring them to life through words and motion.

Dirt Diary: The result of trails coming to life—literally—with a core female cast that puts having fun as high on the priority list as riding hard. – ANNE CLEARY

Damien Vergez | FASTFOKUS
Winner of last year’s Dirt Diaries, with his film “Mother Earth”, Damien loves to create artistic and inspiring stories. A director and producer based in France, Damien travels the world to create high-end cinematography for many outdoor companies. His work is all about passion and dedication. He loves nature, wildlife and can spend hours walking in the mountains.

To me Dirt Diaries isn’t just about having an idea or knowing how to focus pull. It’s about being able to create something that resonates with an audience. It’s about being able to tell a story in a powerful way. – DAMIEN VERGEZ

Max Sauerbrey
Hi! My name is Max Sauerbrey and I’m a 19-year-old filmmaker from Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Like many 12-year-olds wanting to capture their shredding skills, my creation infatuation came after getting my first GoPro. After some time, I found myself taking my GoPro off of my own helmet and instead pointing it towards my friends, beginning to capture their stories and sick tricks. On a slightly larger scale, I do the same thing today, telling stories in hard to reach places to inspire the next generation of riders and those who haven’t discovered the sport to get out there and do it themselves.

My experience (diary) going from a fan that grew up watching internet videos of these guys who simply shared the same passion as me (biking/filming); to actually getting to know and work and ride with them in person throughout the course of the summer. – MAX SAUERBREY

Michael Sousa | Michael Sousa Cinema
Michael Sousa first appeared on the Crankworx scene having formed the amateur film team “Shegnarnigans” and competing in the first ever GoPro Dirt Diaries in 2012 to be awarded 2nd place. Since then, members of the original “Shegnarnigans” team—Steve Storey, Mike Gamble, Ollie Jones, and more—have appeared on the Crankworx Media stage over the years to compete independently. Now a familiar face behind and in front of the lens, in assisting these colleagues with several Crankworx projects in roles ranging from video editor to actor, Michael Sousa Cinema will land on the dirt diaries stage to deliver a diary of his own.

The Diary will essentially be one being written by Nature—British Columbia Specifically. To be BC Born, is to subscribe to a behaviour inspired by the extraordinary environment that surrounds us here. – MICHAEL SOUSA CINEMA

Paul Cain
What started as an idea became a passion. A regular in the World Ski and Snowboard Festival’s Intersection filmmaking competition, Paul rounded up a team of top talent this spring to step off the snow and hit the dirt hard. In from the UK, professional filmmaker Liam Moss lends his filmmaking experience to build more than your typical mountain biking movie. Paul and Liam will be dragging riders James Purvis, Max Edwards, Jarrod Anderson and Jackson McEvoy through the muck, hitting two uniques mountain biking destinations and paying homage to the bicycle. This one’s for the fans!

One line describing my dirt diary? A new spin on a classic tale. – PAUL CAIN

Tom Wilson
I’m originally from Sydney, Australia, but recently moved to Vancouver. I’ve always been interested in photography and filmmaking, but the past few years, I’ve been working full time as a primary school teacher — one of the furthest things from mountain bike photography and filmmaking. I started out like many mountain bike photographers…your friends are faster than you on the bike, so you’re the one to stop and take pictures of them. Dirt Diaries has stoked the fire in me to focus on filming, so I will spend this summer pursuing my passion and see where it leads.

Dirt Diary: Thousands of mountain bike tourists come to British Columbia to ride every year…some never leave. – TOM WILSON

2018 First Place: Damien Vergez

Second Place: William Biname

Third Place: Seth Alvo