Samsung Deep Summer Photo Challenge

Samsung Deep Summer Photo Challenge


Congratulations to Tommy Wilkinson, and crew, winners of the 2016 Best In Show, chosen by a panel of judges. And a second big congratulations to Ben Haggar for pulling in the Peoples’ Choice Award. Each took home $3500.

Five photographers. One wildcard contestant. Three days in the epicentre of the Crankworx World Tour: Whistler, British Columbia. This is one slide showdown to remember. When Deep Summer lights up Olympic Plaza, it leaves even the most seasoned Whistlerites looking at mountain biking’s West Coast haven with fresh eyes.

Watch all five shows and count down the days till we’re deep in summer once more. We’re already hard at work planning our 2017 show!






After three attempts to win over the voters, Whistler’s Chris Pilling earned himself the WILDCARD spot in the competition, as selected by Pinkbike readers. He has been a semi-professional photographer for five years, but a shooter for many more, and was looking to take his career to the next level when he hit the Deep Summer stage. His most amazing to that point? A shot of a rock-rollover first executed by Wade Simmons on The Malamute in Squamish, B.C., the picturesque Howe Sound waterway in the background and a 15-foot rock shelf over a 200 foot drop up front. Chris is from Calgary, Alberta and has been living in the Whistler area, shooting his heart out, for two years.





Simeon Patience: Rotorua Deep Summer Photo Challenge Winner web-icon
Simeon’s talents include, but are not limited to, photography, riding up hills, and growing a moustache that is capable of scaring off small children, girls and most animals. Based in New Zealand, he dreams of fly fishing and biking all year round, but instead shoots commercial photography assignments, forcing him to play in his spare time. He won his entrance into the Whistler competition by taking first place from the judges in Rotorua in March 2016.
Ben Haggar web-icon
Ben is an action sport and adventure travel photographer based out of Coastal British Columbia specializing in remote, self-supported expeditions. He also works as an assistant expedition leader, planning and executing trips in the Arctic and Antarctic.  His goal is to inspire people to go a little further, break out of their comfort zone, and discover new places and experiences at home or abroad.  He specializes in taking photos of the activities he is most passionate about: remote travel and expeditions, action sports, and the underwater world.


Twilkinson 106A5456
Tommy Wilkinson Instagram
Tommy Wilkinson is an action sports and lifestyle photographer from rural Northumberland, Britain. He has been shooting professionally for two years, regularly contributing to the U.K.-based website Descent World and other print magazines. Stumbling into photography by chance after a serious riding injury, Tommy has a passion for unadulterated fun, constant progression and the raw excitement that riding bikes creates.
Baxter Redfern web-icon
Baxter Redfern is a Vancouver Island-based photo hunting, burrito-smashing, family-loving, weiner dog-wrangling, grumpy old man. His love for great photos is only superseded by his love for his family, or for burritos, or his family and burritos…or his family of burritos. Being included in this year’s Deep Summer field was a dream come true for the 37-year-old.




Wednesday August 16
8:30pm - 12:00am Samsung Deep Summer Photo Challenge Whistler Olympic Plaza