2015 Crankworx Series Championships

Introduced in 2015, the Crankworx World Tour travels to Rotorua, New Zealand, Les Gets, France and culminates in its Canadian home base of Whistler, British Columbia.

The tour includes four Crankworx series titles: the Crankworx DH Championships, the Pump Track Challenge Series, the Speed & Style World Championships, and the Crankworx Slopestyle Championships. To secure a series title, athletes accumulate points over the course of a season, with the victors named at Crankworx Whistler. It is not necessary to win every competition in a series to secure the overall title. The winner simply has the most points and, likely, the most wins.

As the marquee event of Crankworx, Slopestyle riders can accrue an additional accolade and $50,000 prize pot for the ultimate performance. As with the other three series events, the rider with the most points at the end of the season the series, dubbed the Crankworx Slopestyle Championships, but if a rider can win all three slopestyle events in a single year, he will earn  the Triple Crown of Slopestyle. The feat has yet to be accomplished.

Prize pots for the series vary by the degree of difficulty and relative prestige of the win. The Pump Track Challenge Series and Dual Speed & Style series wins are each worth $5000, while the Crankworx DH Championships is potentially worth $10,000 – $5000 for winning the four-event series, with another $5000 bonus to the athlete who can win all four events in a single year. The Crankworx Slopestyle Championships is worth $25,000 for the series win and another $25,000 if the rider achieves the Triple Crown hat-trick.

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Slopestyle: Gravity-fed and loaded with features—boner logs, wallrides, table tops and step-ups—Slopestyle delivers the tricks, flips and whips to fans who heed the call of the mountains. Crankworx Slopestyle is sanctioned by the Freeride Mountain Bike Association.

Pump Track: Speed, flow and flair earn riders top dog cachet in this mano-a-mano-style competition where riders use the rollers of a manmade track to pump enough speed, without pedalling, to round the berms and bring home the fastest time.

Dual Speed & Style: The art of a Speed & Style win lies in the rider’s ability to pull off the best tricks on the fastest run down a gravity-fed course to the bottom of the mountain, out-witting all opponents by duking it out in pairs to slowly narrow the field.

Downhill (DH): Natural trails and innate ability to pin it down the mountain make this full-throttle race a heart-stopper from top to bottom.

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